How do I plan a moving house

Moving checklist: 1 to 3 months before moving

Planning a move: this is what you need to do

Now you have enough time to plan your move without getting too stressed out. Use the time and create one To do list for your move!

Tip: Also remember to inform the authorities and your contractual partners about your move in good time. Our change of address checklist and the authority finder are available to you for this purpose.

General tasks for the months before the move

  • Set the exact moving date
  • Apply for leave
  • Complete notice of move
  1. Just tell us your old and your new address.
  2. We make sure that as many of the companies and institutions as possible that already know your old address receive your new address.
  3. Your contractual partners (banks, insurance companies, publishers, associations ...) can contact you directly at your current address.
  4. The service is free.

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Renovating and organizing moving helpers

  1. Which rooms are in need of renovation?
  2. What cosmetic repairs need to be done?
  3. Plan an appointment for renovation, organize helpers if necessary
  1. Does it have to be deleted? If so, measure the room and calculate color consumption
  2. Get paint and painting supplies
  3. Plan an appointment for renovation, organize helpers if necessary
  4. Are you planning to renovate? Get wallpaper, paints and other materials now!

Inform now

  • Measuring the transport routes (Doors, stairs, elevators)
  • Organize moving helpers:
  1. Are you moving on your own? Then you should get quotes for a van at an early stage and reserve it.
  2. In addition, you may already have a friendly, i.e. H. Send an appointment announcement to relatives and friends who are considered to be moving workers.

Are you planning to move? Relaxed into your new home

Everything under control with your smart moving checklist: digital and free of charge. The moving checklists adapt to your personal needs and remind you of the most important to-dos.

Start planning now
  • Obtain forwarding offers

Rent a van now

Find a moving company

Organize a move

Old apartment: tidy up, pack, terminate the rental agreement

  • Mucking out:Clear out the apartment, attic, cellar, storage room, garage, make an appointment for bulky waste if necessary
  • Old garden: Depending on the season
  1. cut the lawn
  2. weed weed
  3. Cut back trees
  4. Prune bushes and hedges
  • Terminate the old rental agreement in good time
  • Possibly look for a new tenant
  1. Placing an apartment advertisement: newspaper, supermarket notice, internet advertisement
  2. Read ads from apartment hunters
  3. Coordinate furniture takeovers and renovation work with the next tenant

Find an apartment

  • Clarify handover of the apartment and, if necessary, compensation payment with the new tenant

Checklist "Moving in 1 to 3 months" as PDF

  • Old apartment: inform pension funds
  1. Make an appointment to read the final meter readings
  1. Note the notice period of the previous communication service provider
  2. Compare offers from new providers
  3. Check availability in new apartment
  4. Make appointments for the change in good time
  1. In this context, also clarify financing and provide information on tax tips
  • Create a list with all the items to be moved
  • Moving boxes and packing material
  1. Estimate and obtain the number of moving boxes
  2. Check existing boxes to see whether they are usable - order or rent new ones if necessary
  3. Collect packaging material such as wrapping paper or buy new ones

Organize a move

New apartment: plan and prepare

  1. What do you take with you, what is new? Attention: plan delivery dates generously!
  • Check the new lease carefully
  • Change health insurance?
  1. In the event of a job-related move: consider changing health insurance providers if necessary
  • Subscriptions and memberships
  1. If necessary, cancel or re-conclude memberships and subscriptions

Inform now

  • Draw the interior plan for a new apartment
  • Check home contents and liability insurance and take out a new one if necessary
  • Gather information about the new city and neighborhood
  1. If you have a new place of residence: get a city map, research important addresses and telephone numbers
  • New apartment - new energy supplier
  1. Determine consumption values ​​for electricity and gas in a new apartment (ask previous tenant or landlord)
  2. Obtain offers from energy suppliers
  3. Compare electricity and gas prices and request contract documents

Inform now

  • Adjust curtains and carpets
  1. Measure whether curtains and carpets fit into the new apartment
  2. If necessary, change the curtains yourself or ask a specialist
  3. Buy new curtains and carpets for the new apartment
  • Inform family, friends and acquaintances about the future address
  • Order business cards and address labels with the new address
  1. Distribute new business cards to friends, family or business partners
  2. In letters that are now being sent, already refer to the for a possible reply
  • Check investment forms for the rental deposit
  1. Obtain information and offers
  2. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of investment
  3. Discuss with the new landlord
  • Apply for a no-parking zone for the move

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