What is a spirit mood

Sport makes you happy?

In any case, sport lifts the mood! Regular exercise is often more effective than medication for feeling happy. Exercise releases happiness hormones such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphin and stays in your body for a longer period of time. Even if you sometimes have to pull yourself up to go to training - it always feels good afterwards, doesn't it? Choose a sport you like and try different courses. In any case, it's a lot more fun in a group.

Is sport good for the soul?

Bringing body, mind and soul into harmony is a widespread goal - including in yoga. But no matter which sport you choose: The main thing is that you enjoy your training - then you will reach your goal in the same way! For example, when you come out of one of our courses happy and sweaty. Make sure you do what is good for your body and that you stay relaxed.

Do you get happiness hormones through exercise?

With intensive and long-term training, happiness hormones such as B. dopamine, released. They make you more alert, more focused, and more focused. Runners know this under the term "Runners High" - So if you have the feeling that you could go on like this forever. However, this differs from person to person and depends on individual requirements and different framework conditions.

Does sport also help against depression?

Theoretically yes. Because sport and exercise are also in the Psychotherapy used successfully. Numerous studies also show that physical activity often helps as much as medication. However, if your symptoms do not improve in the long term, we advise you to also visit your family doctor or a therapist.

How does exercise affect my well-being?

When you feel like you've done something good for yourself after exercising, and it's been fun too, it usually has a positive effect on your well-being. Meditation courses or additional relaxation techniques are also recommended.

Which sport makes you happy?

There is no general answer to that. In general: Any training that challenges you, but not overwhelms you! Do you experience your whole workout personal sense of achievement, then it definitely lifts your mood and releases hormones like dopamine, serotonin and endorphin. So no matter what sport: it "can" definitely make you happy!

What is the best course for me to train my mental fitness?

Generally with courses that suit your coordination challenge, including in the dance workouts. But your gray cells are also trained in yoga and Pilates.