There are famous cocktails with scotch

Cocktails with whiskey

When you order a cocktail with whiskey, Jack Daniels almost always comes in there. Or Jim Beam. Just any standard bourbon. And even whiskey fans usually don't find it particularly bad: After all, a delicious scotch in a whiskey sour would be a waste, wouldn't it? And a smoky Islay whiskey in the Mint Julep would be gross too, wouldn't it?

Ne - in fact, many cocktails taste even better thanks to the smoky bacon note of a Lagavulin (or any other good Islay malt) - you just have to trust yourself and try a lot. Smoky Islay whiskeys in particular invite you to try a meat cocktail recipe: Meat and fat-heavy versions of Bloody Mary, for example - if you replace the vodka with a Caol Illa, it tastes like tomato soup with diced bacon . You have to decide for yourself whether this is an advertisement for the “Smoky Cocktail” project or not.

Which whiskey is best for cocktails?

Difficult to answer. Those who like the classic taste of whiskey cocktails are actually best served with a bourbon like Maker's Mark or Canadian whiskey like Glen Breton. If you love spice, you can opt for rye, the other great classic of American whiskey. However, inexperienced connoisseurs usually don't taste much of a difference here compared to the usual Jacky combinations. In general, however, as with any other cocktail spirit, we recommend: try everything pure once.

Because only those who know what a whiskey tastes like straight, preferably once at room temperature and once with ice, can roughly estimate how it will taste later in a cocktail. Above all, especially with complex drinks, the flavor components can later be assigned to the individual drinks only with knowledge of the individual building blocks.