What is the history of mexican food


A historical change in Mexican cuisine

The Maya, who lived in the southeast of Mexico at that time, lived mainly on fish, game, beans, pumpkin and above all on corn. At that time a corn god was worshiped, corn was so important. The maize was used to make maize flour, which was then processed into tortilla cakes or tamales. The indigenous people refined the maize-heavy cuisine with a lot of seasoning. Spices, herbs and pods were often used. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin varieties or stews were used for a piquant aroma. After the Spanish conquered the country, the food changed drastically. More rice, beef and olives were eaten.

Eat today

Today the Mexican cuisine consists of the tradition of the indigenous people and the cuisine of the Spaniards. This is a great culinary benefit, because the Mexican menu includes turkeys, tomatoes, cocoa, vanilla, avocado and corn. As diverse as the products and the peoples of this country are, as diverse are the forms of preparation. There is something to be baked out quickly or something to be roasted for hours.

In addition, people like to eat stews that are easy to prepare or elaborate fish dishes. Tortillas are made from corn and are served with every dish. They are not just a filler or side dish to soups, they are also often served filled. Pies, tamales, are made from steamed cornmeal dough.

The culinary cuisine of Mexico knows many varieties from beans to lentils. The most common are the black beans, which can be found in many soups or stews. Fresh tomatoes are a must for salsas. The tomatoes are cooked in sauces that are made with fish or meat dishes. There are many variations of pumpkin. Furthermore, the menu contains a lot of vegetables and fruit. Mangoes, pineapples, bananas and papayas are particularly popular. When it comes to bananas, there are also vegetable bananas that are not as sweet as conventional bananas.