How to Draw Pictures on Android

Easily edit photos with Android tools

PC-WELT editorial team

Not every picture taken with the smartphone immediately corresponds to your ideas - the subject is too dark, the colors look cool and the contrast is a little weak. How to mend it.

1. After your photo session or video shoot, start the gallery app or the similarly working Google Photos app. Then find the photo you want to edit there and tap it to select it.

2. Next, tap the image once so that the gallery options bar appears on the edge of the screen. Here you choose "Edit".

3. If you want to rotate an image taken transversely by 90 degrees or straighten a horizon that has been captured at an angle, use the rotation function, which is usually represented by a semicircular arrow or double arrow. You can rotate the image as required by swiping the scale. In addition to the fine scale, there is often a button for quickly rotating the image in 90-degree steps.

4. To change the image section - for example if there are disturbing objects or unsightly areas around the subject - use the "Crop" tool. With some mobile phones this function is integrated into the turning tool, with other models there is a separate button for cutting.

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5. With the help of filters, you can change the effect of the picture, the colors and the contrasts with just the touch of a finger. The filter effects are usually hidden behind a symbol with three overlapping circles. Often the various effects are clearly summarized in categories such as "Classic", "Nostalgia" or "Weather".

6. In addition to the standard functions already presented, some smartphone models also have extended editing functions. This allows you to directly influence the brightness, the contrasts, the color saturation, the sharpness or the lights and shadows.

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7. Important: Every change to the picture must be confirmed. This is done by either tapping the "Save" button or the tick. If you do not want to make the changes, touch the cross symbol, "Reset" or "Discard". Very good: As a rule, the photo app does not overwrite the original file when editing, but creates a copy.

8. There are also some editing functions available for video files. Almost every smartphone offers a cutting function that can be reached via a scissors symbol. This allows you to cut out unnecessary parts from long video clips by moving the start and end points in the preview bar. Some cell phones also offer special filters with which you can change the look of your clips.

Edit photos in Photoshop like professionals

If the editing functions of your phone are too limited for you, you should try the free Adobe Photoshop Express app. The little brother of the original Photoshop for the PC can create collages, carry out extensive image corrections, automatically remove blemishes and much more. There are also dozens of looks for interesting picture effects.