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Catering trade, special use permit for outdoor catering


  • No restriction on the safety of traffic and no disproportionate impairment of the ease of traffic.
  • No disproportionate restriction on public use or no exclusion for a disproportionate duration.
  • No disproportionate impairment of road components, measures of the road construction load, the surroundings or the environment, urban planning or other public concerns including the generation of income based on the use of the road as well as public or private rights of third parties.
  • Your company must already have a taproom area inside. The outside catering area must not be larger than the inside area of ​​the taproom.

There is no entitlement to a special use permit.

Required documents

  • Application (informally, application form or via the online service "Apply for outdoor catering")
  • True-to-scale site plan,
  • Information on the location, type and duration of the special use as well as the size of the required walkway areas and information on the remaining walkway width.

To note

Use may only be started if you have received permission to do so.

Use of the public road space that goes beyond common use or restricts it is a special use. It requires the permission of the road construction authority and is chargeable. It is issued for a limited period and upon revocation and can also contain conditions and obligations.

The use of the outdoor catering area is only permitted in front of the own establishment, i.e. the use must not extend to neighboring establishments. A remaining sidewalk width of at least 1.50 m must remain.

If you operate a catering business that requires a permit, the existing catering permit must be extended for outdoor catering.

If there is a certain number of seats or if structures such as platforms or roofs are to be erected, a building permit may also be required.
Please also use the "Apply for outdoor catering" online service in the Forms, Services and Links area.

For deviations in Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and design guidelines, see left


The special use must be applied for in writing annually, no later than 6-8 weeks before the planned installation date.

Legal bases

  • Section 19 (1) of the Hamburg Roads Act (HWG).

  • Fee schedule for the administration and use of public roads, green spaces and recreational facilities.