Which is better a switch or an XBox

PS4, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One: will the consoles still be worth it in 2021?

After PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One: which console is right for me?

The question of the best console does not arise, because each has its advantages and disadvantages. This applies anew in every generation of consoles. Accordingly, we would like to show you in our purchase advice for whom, which console could be best suited. We'll give you some help with buying one PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. In addition, we are already taking a look ahead at the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

While the PlayStation and Xbox One will get a successor in 2020, there is no Pro model of the Nintendo Switch this year, according to Nintendo. So it remains that you can't go wrong with the Nintendo Switch in the new edition and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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Which console is right for me?

Despite all considerations, this question is of course very subjective. Nevertheless, the consoles can be divided in certain directions. We give you a detailed look at the consoles and everything that goes with them on the third page of our purchase advice.

We'll leave out the PS5 and Xbox Series X at this point. As soon as all the details about both consoles are known, we will also classify them for you and advise you on the purchase.

Nintendo Switch - The family console

Particularly suitable for players who travel a lot or who like to play with a handheld. For example, you can start a game on TV and continue playing it on the go. In 2019 Nintendo released a new edition of the Nintendo Switch, which makes better use of the hardware and thus the battery lasts 2-3 hours longer.

The Nintendo Switch is a must for Nintendo fans and, thanks to the child-friendly games, also a very good console for families. Thanks to the strong exclusive games and the increasing support from 3rd party, the Nintendo Switch is also a very good all-rounder.

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Nintendo Switch Lite - The little sister

The Nintendo Switch Lite has been part of the Switch family since September 2019. This is a pure handheld console and therefore not a detachable Joy-Cons. In addition, it is smaller overall and therefore has a smaller display. The Switch Lite is therefore perfect for people with smaller hands and for children.

It's also a great second console if you already have a normal Nintendo Switch.

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You can now play games like Civilization 6 on the Nintendo Switch.

PS4 Slim - The console for beginners

The PS4 Slim impresses above all with its very strong range of games. Due to the hardware and the game line-up, the PS4 Slim is a bit ahead of the Xbox One S for pure gamers.

It is also significantly cheaper than the PS4 Pro, making it a very good console for beginners and for everyone who does not need maximum performance.

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PS4 Slim and Xbox One S differ in their performance, the games and the ability as a multimedia platform.

Xbox One S - The multimedia console

The Xbox One S is the cheapest of all consoles. They are more often on offer for less than 200 euros. Xbox One exclusives keep getting more numerous and better. In addition, it offers the opportunity to secure over 100 games cheaply with the Xbox Game Pass.

Compared to the PS4 Slim, it is particularly impressive as a full-fledged 4K Blu-ray player. This makes it even more of a multimedia console overall.

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PS4 Pro - The best quality for PS4 games

Above all, the PS4 Pro is the best variant of the PlayStation 4 and presents these games to you in the best possible quality. In addition, it is perfect for PlayStation VR due to its stronger hardware compared to the Slim.

As we will show later, the better exclusive titles with games like God of War or Marvel's Spider-Man are also offered by the PS4 Pro.

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The PS4 Pro offers the best PlayStation gaming experience. The Xbox One X, on the other hand, is the most powerful console.

Xbox One X - The most powerful console

You get the best performance and thus potentially the best FPS, as well as the best graphics with the Xbox One X. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of native 4K gaming and that, depending on the game, with a stable 60 FPS.

It is a console for everyone who wants the maximum amount of currently possible console hardware. It also offers a 4K Blu-ray drive.

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Is it still worth buying PS4 and Xbox One?

Should I still buy a PS4 or Xbox One in 2020? Some people are sure to ask themselves this question. Anyone who has not yet hit the consoles knows that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will appear in around 10 months. While the purchase of a Nintendo Switch is still highly recommended in 2020, it is more difficult with the PS4 and Xbox One.

If you do not own either of the two consoles yet, you may not be one of those who want a new console right after the release. Accordingly, you can currently benefit from strong offers for the PS4 and Xbox One. For Black Friday 2019, for example, the Xbox One S All Digital Edition was available for 99 euros. The PS4 was also available for less than 200 euros. You should be able to continue to expect this in 2020, so that you can buy the current generation particularly cheaply.

The purchase of a PS4 or Xbox One is still worthwhile for everyone who would like to play the games on the PS4 or Xbox now. In terms of price, the consoles are cheaper than ever before. But if you definitely plan to pre-order the PS5 or Xbox Series X or buy it for release, you can of course also play the old games on the new console.

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