What do millennials think of themselves

Viacom study:
Do you know what drives and moves young millennials?

- For the generation born around the year 2000, family, optimism and humor are the three big anchors in life. The youngest millennials, as Viacom describes them, are confident and mostly happy. On a global average, 88 percent of those surveyed describe themselves as very happy. According to the study, the happiest millennials live in Mexico (98 percent). Germany is with 83 percent "feeling of happiness" with other industrial nations such as the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore close to the average, it is said. Half of millennials cite spending time with family and friends as the most important source of happiness, followed by going on vacation (42 percent). "The use of media such as the Internet (40 percent) and television (32 percent) gives the youngest generation feelings of happiness," says the study, which is supposed to provide findings for the Nickelodeon program.

- The youngest millennials are optimistic. Around 85 percent of respondents always try to think positively and believe that they can achieve anything in life with work and commitment. "Think positive" is the motto in Germany too - at 74 and 75 percent, however, the values ​​are a little below the global average. The strong belief in themselves is also reflected in the self-perception of the kids: over two thirds of those surveyed worldwide see themselves as a "winning generation" - in Germany it is 56 percent. Humor is also important to the younger generation. Around 60 percent think that a humorous approach will bring them closer to their goals and that it is very important to have fun in life (Germany: 50 percent and 57 percent).

- The values ​​of community and solidarity occupy an important place in the lives of children and young people. On average around the world, 79 percent consider it very important to help others. The respondents are also concerned about environmental protection: 88 percent are of the opinion that the preservation of nature is part of social responsibility. 72 percent firmly believe that their generation has the potential to change the world for the better.

The extensive study from Viacom / Nickelodeon can be ordered online.