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I was in Tijuana for two months for an internship in a human rights organization and was impressed how little the city corresponds to the cliché that is cultivated in Germany and the rest of Mexico (especially D.F.). Unlike Mexico City, TJ is no more dangerous to ordinary people (unrelated to narco) than any other Latin American city. You can take any taxi from the street during the day (NEVER do that in Mexico City !!), you won't be kidnapped or robbed if you use your common sense and don't do anything you wouldn't do at home in Germany .

For tourists-to-quickly-cross-the-border-so-that-I-can-say-I-was-in-Mexico-tourists, there is unfortunately not much to see in the city, since the new legislation in the USA (Ley de Arizona) and strategic scaremongering hardly any American tourists cross the border (which again has its good side, but not for those whose livelihoods were the Americans such as the indigenous people from Oaxaca, who can no longer get rid of their artesanía ) and the tourist infrastructure is slowly but surely going to the dogs.

For tourists who are interested in the real face of the border town, however, there is a lot to discover. The former tourist mile Avenida Revolución is about to change, from the longest American bar in the world to an avenue in whose passages many artists settle, who open studios and literary cafés, hold dance and guitar workshops, paint , take photos, dance or talk about socially critical topics over a glass of wine. You can find all of this now, every Friday in the Pasaje Rodrigues. The new local bohemian is actively shaping their city, every day there are street cultural festivals, concerts, vernissages, dance festivals, musicals, ballet performances, a book fair, readings and, and, and, but everything is aimed at the local audience.

I have the feeling that Tijuana is bursting with artists and cultural workers, although all of this is still in its infancy, but the vibrations can already be felt in the city. Art and culture are also an important counterbalance to violence, corruption, human rights violations, murders and desolation, which are still present in the border town that has been infiltrated by the mafia. As Raphael Lozano, director of the "Transformarte" cultural center in Tijuana, says: Every child who has ever played an instrument and is enthusiastic about it will not touch a weapon. "Art and culture offer people alternatives, they have the potential To really change the city.

However, none of these things can be seen at first glance. If you go to Tijuana, you need locals who show you all the fascinating facets of the city that you couldn't find on your own.

If you get involved, the city has a lot to offer!

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