How much does a LinkedIn InMail cost

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Signing up to LinkedIn is free, and many features are open to all account holders, so you can take advantage of most of the things LinkedIn offers. offers. You can pay a monthly fee for a premium account to get additional features or communication options. Finally, bespoke solutions are available for companies looking to use LinkedIn as a source for hiring quality candidates.

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Free and paid LinkedIn accounts

There's not much difference between a free account and a paid account on LinkedIn. And the basic account is far from easy to use.

With your free LinkedIn account, you can take advantage of most of LinkedIn's most popular features, including

  • Establish a network of connections with no restrictions on size or number

  • Reconnecting to a member of the LinkedIn network, provided they know you and connect with you

  • Create a professional and detailed LinkedIn profile

  • Making and receiving an unlimited number of referrals

  • Join or create up to 50 different LinkedIn groups

  • Request up to five introductions at a time (after someone accepts an introduction, you can request a new introduction in their place)

  • Perform an unlimited number of searches for LinkedIn members on your extended network

If you want to switch to a paid account, you can, among other things

  • send a message to another person. in the LinkedIn community - regardless of whether it is on your extended network - via an InMail messaging service

  • Further introductions than the basic account allows

  • View more LinkedIn network profile information when doing advanced searches

  • See exactly Who viewed your profile and how did it come to your profile?

  • Performing a reference check on someone

  • Obtaining a membership in the OpenLink program that provides unlimited OpenLink messages

The paid accounts

LinkedIn offers several levels of paid accounts, each with a certain amount of benefits. You can find the latest plans LinkedIn offers on the Compare Account Types page. You can also click the Upgrade link under the Account & Settings button (the thumbnail of your photo) at the top right of the screen to see a comparison of the paid accounts.

Each premium account has certain advantages regardless of the selected level. These benefits include:

  • Unrestricted one-click reference search

  • OpenLink network membership

  • Unlimited OpenLink messages

  • Ability to see who has seen your profile

  • Access to premium content

  • One business day customer service for your LinkedIn questions

At this point in time, LinkedIn is offering three premium packages aimed at individual users: Job Seekers (formerly Business), Business Plus and Executive, each account level has specific advantages:

  • Job seeker: $ 29. 95 per month billed monthly or $ 24. 95 per month if billed annually. This account contains

    • five InMails per month and a seven-day reply guarantee. If you don't get a response to your InMail within seven days, you will get this InMail credit back.

    • Advanced profile views and a total of 250 search results outside of your network when searching.

    • Fifteen Tutorials You Can Use To Learn Your Connections.

  • Business Plus: $ 49.95 per month billed monthly or $ 39. 95 per month if billed annually. This account contains

    • ten InMails per month with a seven-day response guarantee. (Unused InMail credits are carried over monthly, up to a maximum of 30 credits.

    • Extended profile views and a total of 500 search results outside of your network when searching.

    • 25 Tutorials That You Can Use To Introduce You To Your Connections.

  • Executive: 99.95 per month billed monthly or $ 74.95 per month billed annually This account includes

    • 25 InMails per month with a seven day reply guarantee. (Unused InMail credits roll over monthly, up to a maximum of 30 credits.

    • Extended profile views and a total of 700 search results outside of your network when searching.

    • 35 tutorials you can use to introduce your connections to their connections.

    • Full name visibility when looking at network members or third-degree group connections (other plans only show limited name information for these people.)

Premium account

What is the value of a premium account? ? In addition to the features already listed for each account level, premium accounts are intended to give more attention in areas like job search. When an employer lists a job posting and gathers applications through LinkedIn, Premium Account holders will appear at the top of the list of applicants with a LinkedIn "badge" next to their name.

LinkedIn offers specialized content in the form of emails, video tutorials, and articles that provide job search and career development tips, as well as advice from industry leaders. Finally, you can see who viewed your profile, which can be helpful when applying for jobs or trying to close deals. Think about what you need from your LinkedIn experience and decide if an upgrade is right for you.