Are french fries healthy

French fries, which, despite their popularity, are among the most unhealthy side dishes on German plates. But are deep-fried potatoes also healthy?

With their crispy skin and soft core, French fries delight young and old. But the name fries already reveals how unhealthy these popular side dishes are. What comes out of the oil fryer is greasy through and through. It's a shame, because potatoes themselves contain high-quality plant protein, important minerals and valuable vitamins in addition to water.

When frying in hot fat, the potato sticks lose their nutrients. Although potatoes themselves are relatively low in calories, frozen fries from deep fryers have 290 calories per 100 grams. Whoever prepares them in the oven saves at least 150 on the same amount and in the hot air fryer it is even a few more. What is the healthiest way to prepare the chopsticks?

Instead of pre-fried frozen fries: make it yourself

Far too many fries end up not only on children's plates: adults also reach for the frozen food far too often. In 2017 alone, French fries sales in this country were over 300,000 tons. Almost three million Germans aged 14 and over even eat frozen fries several times a week and seem to give little thought to their health.

Even the comparatively health-conscious forms of preparation using the oven pipe and hot air fryer rarely tear out the balance of frozen food. The frozen quick food is often pre-fried in hot fat. The healthiest variant is therefore homemade French fries from the hot air fryer, which, according to the test results, can definitely take on the classic fat fryer. Not only the form of preparation is decisive for the health balance, but also the preparation of any sauces. Mayonnaise and ketchup often contain most of the calories in the dish. If you don't buy the dips ready-made, but make them yourself, you save some sugar.

Pre-cook, hot air fry and season

With the hot air fryer, you can use fresh potatoes, a little oil and a little salt to prepare delicious fries that are nutritious and healthy. Choosing the right type of potato is crucial for taste and consistency. Varieties such as floury potatoes are unsuitable for making crispy side dishes, for example. Regardless of the potato location, the vegetables are first cut into sticks of the same size and pre-cooked. As a result, the starch chains break open and finally network again so that the side dish is crispy on the outside and cooked on the inside during the subsequent deep-frying process. Before hot air frying, the precooked fries are sprayed with oil. The potatoes prepared in this way now need a maximum of 25 minutes in the French fryer program.

At half time, the sticks are turned and thus evenly crispy. After cooking, you turn the finished fries in salt, pepper and paprika powder - it couldn't be easier. The finished fries from the hot air fryer have a lot ahead of the oven preparation. On the one hand, the low-fat relative of the oil fryer saves you paper and waste. On the other hand, the coated cooking basket of good hot air fryers can be cleaned with little effort and, finally, you save time and energy compared to oven fries, since no preheating time is required in the hot air fryer.

* This article was created in collaboration with the external editor Author: Lennard Bachleien.