Who Taylor Swift is with now

Taylor Swift: She found the right guy in Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift seems to have had a really hard time. The singer and the actor should even live together

Taylor Swift, 28, has at least as many famous exes as she has hits. Calvin Harris, 34, Harry Styles, 24, Taylor Lautner, 26, and Tom Hiddleston, 37, have already dated Taylor. For a while, at least. So far, no relationship has lasted really long.

Taylor Swift: She does everything differently with Joe Alwyn

But now Taylor Swift seems to want to change that. She has been with actor Joe Alwyn, 27, for almost a year. One looks almost in vain for photos of the couple together. And for good reason: Taylor wants to keep their relationship out of the public eye. "Taylor is much more often with Joe in London than many believe. She has worked out a real routine for it," a source tells the US portal "Eonline".

Secret flights in a private jet

To protect himself from the paparazzi, Taylor apparently only flies in a private jet. Security check at the airport? Nothing. The singer's passport is checked on the plane herself. From there, she goes straight to the tarmac in a car that drives her to Joe Alwyn's apartment in North London.

Taylor practically moved in with Joe

That's where Taylor spends most of her time when she's in the UK, the source said. "Joe and Taylor take their relationship very seriously," writes Eonline. Instead of going to clubs or restaurants, the couple spend a lot of time at home. It's almost as if Taylor moved in with Joe, a source quipped to the British newspaper "The Sun." Sounds like Taylor really learned from past mistakes!

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