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How do I become an architect in Canada?

In Canada you can in 3 steps architect become. Go to a university with an education program; Gaining internship experience; and take an exam to become a certified architect. To prepare for the license exam, you have to learn a lot and train in a "practical" way. After you acquire your license, you can become a member of the Royal Architectural Institute in Canada.

Go to university to become an architect in Canada. This article provides information about universities that offer architecture programs. Sit near the teacher's presentation position. offer hands-on demonstrations if the instructor requests volunteers. Complete each job as if you were working on a building that is actually being built.

Gain initial experience to become an architect in Canada. Apply for the Intern Architect program after you receive your degree or certification. Send your questions and application to the following address: Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB); 1 Nicholas Street; Suite 1508; Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B7. Call them at (613) 241-8399 or fax them at (6130 241-7991).

Successfully complete your architecture exams at the end of your internship. Know that the Architectural Canada exam provides the foundational skills you need to be able to work as an architect. Study the following sources of information: internship in architecture program; Canadian Handbook for Architects; and National Building Code, the latest edition. Receive your license after successfully completing your exam. See resources below.

Become a member of the Royal Architectural Institute in Canada. Go to their website and click the "Join" option to download an application. Please, fill in the application! then email it to their address: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada; 55 Murray Street, Suite 330; Ottawa, ON K1N 5M3. Call them at (613) 241-5750 if you have any questions. See resources below.


On the first day of your apprenticeship, start studying for your architectural examination. Learn one of the 3 most important sources of information every day. See step 3. Set aside one hour per day for this study. Read as much as you can from one of these sources in an hour. Pick up where you left off the next day. Do this daily until you go through the first source. Continue through the second and third sources. After you've completed the third source, go back and read the first one again. Keep doing this until you take the exam.

After successfully completing your exams, you will receive your license. In Canada, licensing is done at the provincial level. See Resources for specific information about the province in which you qualify.

Membership in the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is voluntary. But if you can afford it, this organization will give you a membership. It contains information about architecture in Canada. You can network with other architects in Canada through their message boards. sign up for their educational programs; work on your architecture skills; and use their designation with your name.

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