Celebrities are thinner in real life

2021: Discover the weight and height of the stars

We live surrounded by spectacle, glamor, haute couture ... but in real life we ​​are rarely going to face the stars we see on TV or in magazines, and we are all curious about the weight and height of the celebrities that are currently "in". Well, the following removes all doubts and curiosity because, despite what a great couple of Louboutins can do or claiming that TV makes you look fatter, here we have all the data you can get from these personalities we like , are looking for.

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Prominent ladies

Selena Gomez

Size: At 1.65 meters, the singer is not very tall.

Weight: Her 57 kilos show a balanced silhouette.

Katy Perry

Size: The great singer exceeds 1.73 m.

Weight: Her 57 kilos are full of musical talent.

Ariana Grande

Size: At 155 centimeters, the singer is still growing.

Weight: 48 kilograms that show a silhouette that is too slim.


Size: The Colombian artist is only 1.57 m tall.

Weight: The singer sports an ideal weight of 56 kg.

Angelina Jolie

Height: Angelina is 1.73 m tall.

Weight: The beautiful actress is often criticized for her 58 kg.


Size: Due to her infinitely long legs, the singer measures 1.73 m.

Weight: Without a doubt, she has her ideal weight at 64 kg.


Height: 1.75 m

Weight: The fashion singer suffers from fairly strong fluctuations in weight; now she weighs 72 kg and looks very good.

Victoria Justice

Height: With an average height of 1.65 m, Justice looks phenomenal.

Weight: And her weight of 54 kilos leaves nothing to be desired.

Victoria Beckham

Height: 1.67 m

Weight: The singer and designer looks very slim at just 46 kg.

Lady Gaga

Height: 1.55 meters, which she compensates with a voice without equal.

Weight: The chameleon singer looks extremely thin at only 44 kg, despite her height.

Bella Thorne

Size: the talent does not contradict the proportions, she is 1.54 m tall.

Weight: 43 kg with a slim silhouette full of possibilities.

Kourtney Kardashian

Size: The young woman can look a bit small with her 1.52 m.

Weight: The Kardashian's measurements at 58kg are known to be estimated.

Kim Kardashian

Size: With a height of 1.60 meters, it has an average size.

Weight: Kim offers curves with her 55 kg.

Khloe Kardashian

Size: With its considerable size, it reaches 1.78 m.

Weight: The Kardashians are the example of women with curves; and she shows her with her 76 kg.


Height: At 169 cm, the singer does not reach seventy.

Weight: Her weight of 62 kilos makes her one of the most attractive women.

Miley Cyrus

Height: With an average height of 165 centimeters, the singer and actress can still grow.

Weight: Her 48 kilos make her look too thin at times.

Jennifer Lopez

Size: At 1.68 m tall, it doesn't need more to shine.

Weight: The experienced artist has no problems with the passing of the years and looks great at 57 kg.

Nicki Minaj

Size: At 157 centimeters, she is a medium-sized woman.

Weight: The example of a woman who loves herself. Her 62 kilos are the example of an authentic and beautiful woman.

Kendall Jenner

Height: The young woman is very tall at 1.83 meters.

Weight: Her 61 kilos are nothing compared to her size.

Demi Moore

Size: Medium size at 1.65 m.

Weight: For the veteran, time seems to have stood still, with her 57 kg she looks excellent.

Avril Lavigne

Size: their small proportions do not exceed 155 centimeters.

Weight: The singer looks great with her 50 kilos.

Megan Fox

Height: 1.67 meters full of interpretation and beauty.

Weight: Her 56 kilograms show her to be one of the sexiest women in the world.

Kristen Stewart

Size: The Twilight star is 1.69 m tall.

Weight: Her weight of 55 kg gives her a pretty and stylized figure.

Blanca Suarez

Height: At 1.67 m tall, the actress has always been considered an authentic woman.

Weight: Her 57 kilos make the beautiful curves of the Spanish women famous.

Taylor Swift

Height: At 1.80 m, the singer is one of the tallest in the music scene.

Weight: Her extremely thin figure has been criticized because she weighs less than 48 kilos.

Norah Jones

Size: The pretty singer has very harmonious proportions at 155 centimeters

Weight: and a weight of 53 kilos with a lot of talent.

Mila Kunis

Height: The actress considers herself to be an authentic woman with a height of 1.60 m.

Weight: This beautiful actress looks great in terms of height and weight of 57 kg.

Iggy Azalea

Size: With a considerable size, it reaches 178 centimeters.

Weight: Her talent is also concentrated in the 68 pounds that she weighs.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Size: The Victoria Secret model is over 175 cm tall.

Weight: Your 57 kg goes through a very strict control in every important parade.

Jennifer Lawrence

Height: The revelation actress of the year could also work as a model with her 1.70 m.

Weight: Her weight of 62 kilos was achieved through exercise and good nutrition.

Scarlett Johansson

The voluptuous actress has been heavily criticized for her weight over some photos in which she appeared completely naked.

Height: The actress shows that it is not necessary to be tall to look great at 1.63 m.

Weight: Although she has been rejected at times because she is a woman with curves, her 55 kilos make her very attractive.

Demi Lovato

Size: At 1.57 m, the lemma, which says “small but nice”, fits.

Weight: The young woman weighs approximately 50 kg and takes care to maintain her with exercise and diet.

Emma Watson

Height: Her talent does not reach her 1.68 m height.

Weight: The young actress looks too thin with her 52 kg weight and size.

Vanessa Hudgens

Size: With her average height, this pretty brunette is only 1.60 m tall.

Weight: Her well-proportioned weight gives her a slim figure at 54 kg.

Miranda Kerr

Height: The famous model is 1.75 m too tall for the low weight she is.

Weight: Her weight of 55 kilos has been subjected to strict controls and diets from a young age because of her work.

Lindsay Lohan

Height: Her 1.65 m knew like no other how to pose in front of the cameras.

Weight: The actress's bad habits have taken their toll and this is reflected in her very light weight of 48 kg.

Jennette McCurdy

Height: The young woman is not very tall at only 1.61 m.

Weight: At 50 kilos, however, it has the perfect dimensions.

Natalie Portman

Size: The beautiful actress reaches a size of 160 centimeters.

Weight: It holds its ideal weight of only 50 kg.

Zooey Deschanel

Size: At 168 cm, the proportions are ideal.

Weight: 55 kg weight perfectly proportioned.

Charlize Theron

Size: At 177 centimeters, Charlize could have worked as a model.

Weight: She looks gorgeous at 150 pounds while being one of the most attractive women on the celluloid screen.

Lucy Hale

Size: Average height at 157 cm.

Weight: The actress has a great figure with a weight of 54 kilograms.

Miranda Cosgrove

Height: At 168, the actress manages to keep her line.

Weight: Her 54 kilos show a stylized and slim figure.

Salma Hayek

Size: The famous actress shows her 157 centimeters in her gala dresses like no one else.

Weight: 54 kilos, which she keeps in check and which makes her one of the most attractive actresses.

Sofia Vergara

Height: One of the most attractive actresses these days is 170 centimeters tall and also has a good stature.

Weight: Her dimensions are enviable and her weight does not even exceed 64 kilos with one gram.

Belinda Peregrín

Size: The beautiful Mexican model is only 165 centimeters tall.

Weight: She is heavily criticized for her cosmetic surgery, but her measurements do not exceed 60 kg.

Danna Paola

Size: At the age of only 26, the beautiful Mexican only reaches 160 centimeters.

Weight: Your measurements are framed by a maximum of 60 kilograms.

Christina Aguilera

Height: The singer was never considered a very tall person at 1.57 m.

Weight: She has gained a few pounds from the 48kg she was a while ago, which makes her look a lot healthier and happier regardless of the talk.

Britney Spears

Height: The famous American singer of "One more Time" has an average height of 163 centimeters.

Weight: Heavily criticized for her weight fluctuations, she looks satisfied with her current weight of 60 kilos.

Elsa Pataky

Size: The multi-faceted Spaniard was always one of the smallest of the celebrities at just under six feet.

Weight: The actress is currently quite slim at 45 years of age and 51 kilos.

Amy Lee

Size: The new singer is 160 cm tall.

Weight: Her 63 kilograms make her look great when she poses in front of the cameras.

Jennifer Aniston

Size: Your entire talent for interpretation is captured in its 1.64 meters.

Weight: The actress with the most envied hair on screen looks gorgeous at 57 kg.

Olivia Palermo

Height: The pretty fashion blogger is not one of the tallest girls as she only measures 163 centimeters.

Weight: Sometimes she is criticized because of her slimness with only 51 kilos.

Lea Michele

Height: The celebrity does not consider himself a very tall person, even at 159 centimeters.

Weight: Due to the movement and the demands of the script, she weighs only 53 kilos.

Anne Hathaway

Height: The actress looks slim with her 173 centimeters tall.

Weight: Therefore, at 56 kg, she has a well-proportioned body.

Eva Longoria

Size: not even the best Loubotin on the market can dispute the small stature of the pretty actress: 1.57 m.

Weight: Your height is compensated with its 51 kg.

Amanda Seyfried

Size: The pretty actress is not very tall, she measures only 1.61 m.

Weight: Known for her curves, the blonde weighs around 61 kg.

Jessie J.

Height: The height of the English singer is envied because of her 175 centimeters.

Weight: 58 kilograms in a body that is more than proportionate.

Chloe Grace

Size: Of the young rising stars of American cinema, she looks spectacular despite her only 163 centimeters.

Weight: The pretty actress has a balanced diet that keeps her weight at 54 kg.

Ashley Benson

Size: With a medium size, the New York actress only reaches 157 centimeters.

Weight: Benson barely reaches 48 kilos with her slim body.

Shailene Woodley

Height: 29 years and 173 centimeters of a young cinema promise.

Weight: The actress values ​​herself for who she is and confesses that her 61 kilos are no problem for her.

Sarah Hyland

Size: The American is medium-sized, only 1.57 centimeters tall.

Weight: With a relatively low weight of 48 kilos, it looks pretty thin.

Jessica Alba

Size: The pretty actress is only 170 centimeters tall.

Weight: Your weight is currently 56 kilos.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Size: Top model by Victoria Secret with 176 centimeters.

Weight: It's only 54 kilos that the model keeps under control for work-related reasons.

Bar Refaeli

Size: The beautiful, newly married model is not too big at 174 centimeters.

Weight: Her measurements were considered perfect at 58 kilos.

Cara Delevingne

Size: Her 173 centimeters don't make her too big for her work as a model.

Weight: The model has nutritional problems and weighs only 51 kilos.

Perrie Edwards

Size: The young winner of Factor X measures only six feet.

Weight: Your dimensions are balanced at 54 kilograms.

Melissa Rauch

Size: The North American is one of the smallest at just 152 centimeters.

Weight: Your weight shows about 57 kg in a harmonious body.

Blake Lively

Height: The famous actress is considered quite tall with her 1.75 meters.

Weight: In keeping with your height, your weight is around 57 kilos.

Brenda Asnicar

Size: The young singer is not very tall at only 1.59 m.

Weight: With a very balanced weight, it weighs only 48 kg.

Candice Swanepoel

Size: The pretty blonde measures more than 1.75 meters.

Weight: Your perfect measurements are displayed in a weight of just 56 kilos.

Famous Men:

Justin Bieber

Height: The young singer measures 1.69 meters plus what he will grow.

Weight: Its dimensions weigh only 58 kilograms.

Bruno Mars

Size: The fashion singer surprises with his only 1.65 m.

Weight: His weight is not high and comes to 66 kg.

Robert Pattinson

Size: The attractive actor beats his rival on the screen with a height of 1.85 m.

Weight: 79 kilograms are not suitable for his stature.

Vin Diesel

Height: The actor reaches a height of 182 centimeters in a very well-formed body in the gym.

Weight: His strong physique is characterized by a weight of more than a hundred kilos.

Lionel Messi

Height: As one of the best players, at just under six feet, he is not considered the tallest player.

Weight: The player from Barcelona weighs 67 kilos.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Size: The multi-million dollar soccer player has a not inconsiderable height of 1.85 m.

Weight: With his weight, which he takes great care of because of his work, he comes to 75 kilos.

William Levy

Height: The famous Cuban is almost 183 centimeters tall.

Weight: 90 kg, representing one of the sexiest men.

Ed Sheeran

Height: This year's successful English singer is about 173 centimeters tall.

Weight: Although he has admitted he had problems with weight, he currently weighs around 83 kg.

Brad Pitt

Height: 1.80 m for this attractive actor.

Weight: The famous actor looks great, as always, at 72 kg.

Michael Jackson

Height: Michael was 175 centimeters when he died.

Weight: When the famous singer died, he weighed just 48 kilos.

Adam Levine

Height: The American actor reaches a height of 182 centimeters.

Weight: 42 years distributed in 77 kilos of weight.

Tom Cruise

Katy Holmes' ex-husband at the presentation of one of his films as Agent 007.

Size: He is one of the smallest actors at only 170 centimeters.

Weight: 77 kilos, which keep Kidman's ex in very good shape.

Gerard Piqué

Size: Over six feet tall for one of the best players in Spanish football.

Weight: Its weight is ideal and is 87 kilograms.

Zac Efron

Height: The actor has a medium height for men at 1.78 m.

Weight: He's one of the best looking in Hollywood, weighing in at just 70 pounds.

Josh Hutcherson

Height: The North American does not consider himself tall as he does not exceed 170 centimeters.

Weight: 68 kilos, which shows its slim silhouette.

Chris Hemsworth

Height: Elsa Pataki's husband is perfectly tall at more than three feet ninety.

Weight: The weight of the actor is 91 kilos.


Size: The Latin American singer is one of the tallest in the music world at more than 191 centimeters.

Weight: A weight of 84 kilos, which corresponds to his height.

Johnny Depp

Size: The main protagonist of the pirates of the Caribbean has an exemplary silhouette with a height of 178 centimeters.

Weight: His 71 kilos also helps make him look so good.

Iker Casillas

Height: The 40-year-old former Real Madrid player is 184 centimeters tall.

Weight: 84 kg, which makes him one of the most sought-after men on the Spanish scene.

Ashton Kutcher

Height: The handsome actor is very tall at 1.89 m.

Weight: His 84 kilo weight took more than one woman's breath away.

Taylor Lautner

Height: The handsome actor looks gorgeous at 1.78 m.

Weight: 80 kilograms, which make it look spectacular.

Enrique Iglesias

Height: The Spanish singer is 46 years old and measures 187 centimeters.

Weight: 84 kilos in a body that makes women's hearts stand still.

Will Smith

Height: Known for his role in the Prince of Bel-Air, the actor is 188 centimeters tall and almost nine feet tall.

Weight: 82 kilos distributed in a slim silhouette.

Darren Criss

Size: At 173 centimeters, Criss looks elegant in every outfit.

Weight: The actor who gave birth to Harry Potter weighs around 70 kilos. A slim build for 34 years.

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