What is mindful work

Mindful work

Carefully through life - and from now on through everyday work

Mindfulness is part of your approach to life. Do you start your day with yoga, pay special attention to your surroundings and write a gratitude diary? Check - works with you! You put your conscious awareness aside at the office door, because “there is no time” for it. And what happens: You quickly come under pressure and are completely stressed. Unfortunately, both are often homemade. Especially in your job you benefit from your mindfulness - not only you, but also your colleagues. How do you keep mindful thinking and feeling in the job?


Work more relaxed, empathetic and productive with mindfulness

Experts define mindfulness in such a way that you learn to recognize and use the “space between stimulus and reaction”. In other words: You consciously perceive the present moment, with all your senses, thoughts and emotions, without judging it. The idea behind it: Observing a situation in a neutral and neutral way helps to reduce stress and to find a solution more quickly. For example, you feel when emotions boil up in you and stress arises. Brewing yogi tea during breakfast is not enough to relax you: if you really want to work mindfully, you have to turn your mind upside down. The first step: Instead of hitting the ceiling or panicking, pause for a moment and take a deep breath before reacting. Working with “mindfulness” means recognizing and reducing stress factors. But also to be empathetic to colleagues, the boss and their needs.