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Information for ticket buyers can be found here.


Planned vehicles for the demonstrations this year: Panzerkampfwagen I, Panzerkampfwagen III, Panzerkampfwagen IV, M48 A2GA2, Leo 1 A2, Leo 2 A4, Marder 1 A1 A1, M48 Bridge, Biber, Luchs, Gepard, M88, mountain tractor (as always: changes may be made for conservation or technical reasons come.)

You can also expect:
Open hatch: Our volunteer hobby commanders open selected vehicles for you, so that a rare look inside the exhibits will be possible.

Historical lectures: After the lectures were exceptionally well attended last year, we want to introduce you to selected lecturers and special historical topics again this year.

Historical encampment: Historical actors are already known in the tank museum. This year, however, we have come up with something very special: A field camp that spans epochs. Supported by many top-class groups of historical actors, our visitors can experience the worlds of military actors over the centuries. Presumably the period from the Bronze Age to the First World War will be covered.

Special tank museum merch: This year there is again a limited steel on the Heide T-shirt.

Of course, a wide range of dining options and children's entertainment will also be offered again.


In the last few weeks after Stahl 2016, we have planned, calculated, thought through and discussed a lot in order to remedy everything that has not worked well in recent years at Stahl 2017.
The main points of criticism were long waiting times at the entrance and overcrowding in the halls.

We have thought through many models: For example, the model of simply selling 5,000 tickets or letting in 5,000 visitors on Saturday and Sunday and organizing a complex bus shuttle service. All models had advantages and disadvantages - sometimes for us, sometimes for you. Now we've found a model that we believe will make everyone happy. How will it go?

TWO DAYS OF STEEL - ON 02.09. AND ON 09/03

In future, we will not only be offering steel on Sundays, but also on Saturdays. There is the same program on both days: tank demonstrations, historical actors, open hatches, lectures, delicious food and drink, t-shirt sales, bouncy castle, face painting and so on and so forth. Both days are structured in the same way.

Fewer visitors on the site
While you can kindly park around us in the discounters' parking lots on Sundays, you can't do that on Saturday: The supermarkets are open and need their parking spaces themselves. Instead, we designate a parking street at the museum so that you can park there, but That doesn't mean that many parking spaces - that is and will remain our central problem.

Therefore we are now selling for the Saturday 2,000 tickets and for the Sunday 5,000 tickets.

This has many advantages:

  • The area and the grandstands are much emptier. On Sunday the number of visitors is reduced by around a third, on Saturday even by two thirds. You will have more space, better visibility, shorter queues at all stalls and toilets, and so on.
  • At the same time, many people can stop by on Saturday who have no time on Sundays in general or on this particular Sunday.
  • And the very enthusiastic fans can even book two days of steel.

Higher price, easier to order
Since we offer more events overall, but at the same time sell fewer tickets, we had to raise the price. We know from your Facebook comments that most of you consider up to € 20 to be appropriate - and we are happy to say that we haven't even got there: We'll be taking from 2017 € 15 per day of steel. In the future, we will no longer sell the tickets ourselves, but rather via the Reservix ticket portal. This service costs a small fee, so you have to add another (probably approx.) 2.50 pre-sale fee for shipping - but even then we are still under € 20.

However, the procedure has two decisive advantages:

  • In addition to online pre-sale, you can also buy tickets at the usual Advance booking offices throughout Germany Buying in the store - that was important to many of our fans who do not like to pay over the Internet.
  • And even if you buy online: Reservix sends real tickets on cardboard. That has one decisive advantage: one essential faster entry.

A There will be no combination ticket. If we offer such tickets, the normal single tickets would have to compensate for the price reduction for the combination tickets. So the normal fans would subsidize the hardcore fans. But we want to keep the prices as low as possible for as many visitors as possible. That's why we offer both days for the same, low price - and if you really want to, you can simply buy two single tickets.

With this system, however, there is no longer any sale at the museum ticket office.

Faster admission process, more intakes
A bottleneck in 2016 was the process of scanning the tickets and handing out the ribbons. Both of these will be discontinued in 2017.

All you have to do is show the tickets; we tear off a strip and off you go. We leave out the ribbons because hardly anyone wanted to leave the premises and re-enter them. If you do want to do that in 2017, you can (and must) simply get a stamp when you go out and you can use it again later.

Because we no longer need a scanner, we can, above all, open many, many more inlets: Instead of 4 inlets, there will be between 10 and 15 inlets - the bags will also be checked there.

Conclusion: Instead of 1,800 people per admission, there are only 150 to 200 on Saturday and 200 to 500 on Sunday. And you don't have to wait for the scan or the ribbon. If that doesn't drastically reduce waiting times, then we don't know what to do next ...

Early admission, later start of the performance
It's frustrating to stand in line fearful of missing out on what you're waiting for. That's why we're also adjusting the time: We open the gates at 9 a.m. - but the tanks don't roll until 11 a.m. This means that all visitors have more than enough time to come to the museum in peace, to orientate themselves and then to visit the outdoor area.

Our please

We will identify various parking spaces at the museum and, given the lower number of visitors, these will be enough. It may seem more convenient to just park at the supermarkets, but that would be very short-term. The shops _ kindly_ make their parking spaces available to us on Sundays.
But if our visitors park their parking spaces fully on Saturday and disrupt business in such a way, then this friendliness can rightly end quickly, because friendliness always goes in both directions. However, that would mean the end of Stahl auf der Heide: Without the 5,000 visitors on Sunday, steel cannot be financed, and without the supermarket parking lots we cannot achieve this number of visitors.