What is the Fuggerei 1

Augsburg: Who is allowed to move into the Fuggerei and what does it cost?

Who can live in the Fuggerei?

Count von Hundt: Anyone who has lived in Augsburg for several years, is Catholic and is considered to be in need. These conditions of admission were laid down in the deed of foundation almost 500 years ago and are still valid.

What do the residents have to raise?

Count von Hundt: In addition to the annual rent of 0.88 euros and the three prayers, the residents pay 88 cents for the Fuggerei Church of St. Markus and the pastor. Each tenant has to pay the usual ancillary costs of around 85 euros per month for electricity, heating, etc. It is gratifying when Fuggerei residents also get involved in community life. Be it by sweeping the sidewalks, shopping for the elderly neighbor, supporting the activities in the Fuggerei-Treff or taking over services in the Fuggerei. For example as a cashier, night watchman, organist or sacristan. This alone creates a real we-feeling.

Who decides on the inquiries?

Count von Hundt: After the preliminary discussions with the social pedagogues and the necessary checks of the documents, there is a conversation with me as the administrator before the request is then submitted to the Fugger family senior council. This is more or less the supervisory board of the foundations, in which the senior members of the Fugger family make all decisions about Fuggerei. In turn, one of the three seniority members decides whether the applicant is accepted.

How do I have to proceed if I want to live in the Fuggerei?

Count von Hundt: You can call the Fuggerei (0821 / 319881-0) and make an appointment with one of the two social workers to talk about the basic requirements and criteria.

How many inquiries are there in a year?

Count von Hundt: The number is different every year. Currently, around 80 inquiries are expected this year. It feels like the inquiries are increasing from year to year. However, comparative figures are not determined.

How long is the waiting list right now?

Count von Hundt: There are currently around 60 applicants. You can say that the waiting time is on average between one to three years.

After the article on Wizard Hardy, there were one or two readers who said that Hardy was certainly preferred ...

Count von Hundt: All applicants are screened against the same criteria. The decision can only ever be made on the basis of the sum of several factors, such as the urgency of the need. Every applicant is an individual and not all applicants are eligible for the same apartment.

How long can a resident stay in the Fuggerei?

Count von Hundt: In principle there is no limit as long as the three criteria are met. This is also the decisive factor why the Fuggerei residents have a real chance to finally relax after years of worry. Only in this way can the Fuggerei become a new home and the way is free to lead a successful life.

Do residents have to constantly disclose their finances?

Count von Hundt: No, it is not necessary. But the contact is close enough that major changes will certainly not go unnoticed. We also find that the community's sense of responsibility is usually great enough that there is a willingness to only live in the Fuggerei for as long as is really needed.

Who will take care of the residents?

Count von Hundt: The Fuggerei residents are mainly supported by our social pedagogues, the administrator and the pastor in the Fuggerei. But in principle every employee of the foundations is happy to help.

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