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2005: The gay milieu is alive!

After the tragic murder of Rudolf Moshammer, it was suddenly there again: the homosexual milieu that had long been believed to be forgotten. It does not exist in reality - but it does exist in the minds of some journalists; but especially with the police.

At that time, the BLSJ turned to heterosexual colleagues and recommended that they reflect critically on the choice of words when writing. But journalists of all kinds keep the homosexual milieu alive again and again. Reason enough to document both new and old cases here. We have already made a start in the archive. Write us an email if you see any new candidates for this list.

On February 3, 2019, the Cologne police announced via their press service: "The victim may have been in a homosexual milieu."
The case: A 79-year-old man was found dead in his apartment in Cologne. The police asked for help and asked who had seen the Lord in the past few days - especially on Saturday evening; supplemented by the sentence: "The victim may have been in a homosexual milieu."
BLSJ board member Axel Bach: “We wish the police a quick search success - but we are of the opinion that a concrete naming of the circumstances could help more than the discriminatory, confused and wrong term Homosexual milieu. We are also curious to see how often the media will use the nonsensical and unspeakable term from police circles themselves this time. "
Update: After criticism from the community, the Cologne police no longer want to speak of the "homosexual milieu" in the future. (see also the reports in the link list)

The police report from the police milieu

The Westdeutsche Zeitung (WZ) turned the police report into an article - and sets that Homosexual milieu at least in quotation marks ...

The same goes for the Kölner Express, which, however, is rather stupid with the headline “Tat in the gay scene?”.

And also report-K.

When the police report was reworked for the Bonn Generalanzeiger, the “homosexual milieu” unfortunately remained.
Following our advice, the author has changed the text.

Likewise in the Kölner Wochenspiegel.

Positive: Radio Berg speaks of the "gay scene".

Similar - but a little confused the report on Radio Cologne: “Early on Sunday morning the police found the 79-year-old [...] dead in his apartment in Deutz. The rooms had apparently been searched. Therefore, the criminal investigation department assumes a robbery and is investigating the gay scene. "

queer.de again reported critically about the ongoing use of the term Homosexual milieu

queer.de reports that the Cologne police will no longer use the term in the future.

The taz also takes up the topic: Police want to "formulate more sensitively"


Advice for journalists as to why it is better not to use the "homosexual milieu" in texts can be found in our brochure "Writing more beautifully about lesbians and gays"

Queer.de asks: "What do you think about the term" homosexual milieu "?"