Number of sockets per 20 A circuit breaker

Is there an average number of outlets plugged into a circuit breaker?

I recently demolished my basement to start a rebuilding / improvement project. My first horror was the electrical layout. I have hidden connections, mismatched wire sizes, incorrect connections, and possibly mixed wire types (copper and aluminum). Needless to say, everything comes out and gets revised properly.

My question is as follows: Is there an "average" number of outlets plugged into a circuit breaker? I know that the amperage from the connected devices cannot exceed the breaker capacity, but I'm just curious if electricians only wire X outlets per breaker. As it stands now, I only see 2-3 per breaker, but given the other issues above ... I'm not going to trust the logic behind this number.


For residential use, the National Electric Code (NEC) doesn't have an official min.In Commercial and Industrial you can put 10 on a 15 amp breaker and 13 on a 20 amp breaker. Local codes sometimes give a maximum so you may want to check that you go high.

But yeah, that's really low! As long as there weren't any dedicated appliances running there, you can definitely add more. 10-12 sockets per 20A breaker is what I usually do. Now that I know I'll be running heavier things like televisions, stereos, or small refrigerators, I'll be using less. Note that some devices require their own line, e.g. B. Full fridges, dishwashers, whirlpools, etc.

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