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Since 2002, the converted warehouses of the former Heidelberg freight yard have provided care for cultural and music events of all kinds. With a great deal of commitment and initiative, the Atelier Contrast creative team created a space for art, culture, parties and events beyond the mainstream and so ”the Halle ”soon blossomed into one of the most popular night locations. The music program is as varied as the audience. Each party is dedicated to a musical genre and whether drum'n'bass, reggae, indie, house, electro, funk - whatever is popular is played. Concerts by Tocotronic, De-Phazz and Blumentopf, for example, have also attracted people from near and far in Heidelberg's largest event hall. Year after year the cultural offer in the musical area grew, which in 2005 even earned halle02 the title of “the most innovative club idea in all of Baden-Württemberg” (Pop.Forum Club.awards 2005 of the Popakademie Mannheim). In autumn 2005 the associated club "Die Kleine Halle" (now "halle01") opened next door, where industrial charm has given way to club-like cosiness. In the summer months, the connected Zollhofgarten is a popular outdoor location. In the middle of old tracks in the heart of the future railway city, you can play boules or beach volleyball, let the sun shine on your fur in a deck chair, enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Heidelberg and end the day at the campfire before continuing in the hall. Between January and April 2009 Gunther von Hagens presented a new BODY WORLDS exhibition in the premises of the Kleiner Halle and he halle02. During this time, the music and cultural program was moved to an adjoining hall. The halle03 was intended as a temporary alternative location during the body worlds exhibition and will now be continued with an open, clear one-room concept for club events. By the way: the hall can also be rented for private or corporate events