What is Human Ken doll

Prank with "Human Ken": genitals removed for 3.5 million euros?


An Italian TV station plays a prank on Rodrigo Alves, known as "Human Ken". They offer him a film role and a high salary for penile surgery.

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Rodrigo Alves has already had more than 60 operations. His goal: to look like Barbie partner Ken. The native Brazilian is still missing an important operation. Or do you remember the Ken doll with genitals?

An Italian TV show took advantage of this fact. The producers played a trick on “Human Ken”. A curious offer was made to the 35-year-old at a casting. He should have his penis removed for a fee of 3.5 million euros. For that he would become the star in a children's film.

"I firmly believed that it was real"

Alves did not notice that the offer was a prank, as he said «MailOnline» on Tuesday. He thought he had to be neutered for a Disney movie to look "family-friendly". "I firmly believed it was real," he said.

Despite the good monetary offer, «Ken» turned it down. "My well-being and my dignity will always come first."

600,000 francs for cosmetic surgery

The prank director tried to persuade him anyway. He said: "I would love if my kids played with dolls named Rodrigo and not Ken." Alves, however, was not convinced. "I can't be bought for any amount of money," he said.

In the meantime, the human Ken has spent over 600,000 francs on operations. There is no end in sight.