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Quick charger for the Mi 9 Lite - matching models, alternatives to the original

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Good evening everyone,

I've been looking for the Quick Charge 4+ USB chargers for the last few days with no real success.
There are practically no providers and they don't tell me anything about the name.

Via China Gadgets I found a link to the original Xiaomi QC 4 28W charger.
What I found very interesting that you could see the performance there.
Apparently the charger works with 20V and 1.35A which then gives the mentioned 28W.

In any case, with the information I was able to look for other devices.
The Xiaomi charger is only available with the China plug and has to be converted to our plug using an extra adapter, which I didn't like at all.
After a long search I came across the Anker PowerPort III Mini.
It offers 20V 1.5A on the USB-C port. Which already sounds good
Officially it is only advertised as QC3, but it shouldn't matter because it offers the same 20V as the original power supply.

I ordered the charger including a 3m USB-C cable today and I'm curious whether the communication works.

What would interest me now, how do I find out whether the cell phone is charged with the 20V?
It was once connected to the laptop power supply which offers 20V 3A, but unfortunately could not see any difference in charging, as the mobile phone is still at 100%.
What really surprised me. Had it charged 8-10 days ago and then put it down in the corner.
That really doesn't seem to pull anything when switched off in contrast to other battery devices.

I haven't found a way to read out the charging voltage, unless I snip the cable and hang a measuring device on it.
But the cables are too expensive for me

Maybe someone already has experience with it and we get an information source with alternative chargers.