Powerball will hit 1 billion

$ 1.6 billion: The largest lottery jackpot in US history to date

It was a lottery drawing for the history books: 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 and the additional number 5. Those who had these numbers on their lottery ticket from the US lottery company Mega Millions are now up to 1.6 billion dollars, the equivalent of 1.4 Billions of euros, richer. Who is the lucky one or whether it was possibly a syndicate is still a mystery for the time being. The only thing that is certain is that the winning ticket was bought in the state of South Carolina.

According to Mega Millions, this time it was the biggest jackpot in US history to date. In early 2016, three winners shared $ 1.58 billion from a jackpot from the Powerball lottery company. The odds for the current jackpot were around one in 303 million.

The winner can either have a one-time payout, which is lower than the total jackpot and is estimated at $ 913 million (before taxes), as the broadcaster CBS reported. Or if you want to clear the jackpot completely, you can have the total profit of 1.6 billion dollars paid out over 29 years.

A ticket for Mega Millions costs two dollars. Players must choose five numbers from 1 to 70 and an additional number from 1 to 25. The jackpot is only won if you have all six correct numbers. It starts at $ 40 million and increases by five million every time it is not cracked.

Speaking of the lottery jackpot - high time to compare the numbers with Austria: The domestic record was set in the Christmas draw on December 24, 2017. Two game participants shared an impressive 12.237 million euros.

It was 114 times that Tuesday evening (local time) in the United States. If there is a solo winner, he only joins the list of the richest people on this planet by the fact that he typed those six numbers that were then also drawn. However, it will end up in a three-digit number at most. Because with the current number one, the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, he (or she) cannot keep up.

According to the renowned "Forbes Magazine", Bezos has assets of 160 billion dollars (140 billion euros). Microsoft founder Bill Gates ($ 97 billion) and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ($ 61 billion) are also out of reach. Even number 174 is a long way off. There, the Swiss entrepreneur Ernesto Bertarelli ranks 8.9 billion dollars (7.8 billion euros).

In Austria, the youngest and probably first lottery billionaire would not be so far behind. However, he would also have a clear hand against Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz, whose fortune is estimated by "Forbes Magazine" at 23 billion dollars (20 billion euros). According to this, Mateschitz ranks 37th worldwide.

With 1.6 billion US dollars you would currently be the sixth richest Austrian. And that would surpass the Vorarlberg entrepreneur Reinold Geiger, owner of the cosmetics company L'Occitane, by around one hundred million euros.