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10 ways to find inner peace

This is how you create your basis for inner peace

Rest in oneself, let everything negative roll off like a lotus blossom - that's what we all want. Far too often we are overwhelmed by everyday stress and we lose our balance. What can we do to ground ourselves in between and stay with us? How can we learn patience? We have 10 little ideas that can help you feel inner peace.

1. Avoid energy thieves

We all know them. The people who gossip complain and manage to pull us down with a short small talk. Or those who never ask their counterpart anything, just simply send. Tactic recommendation: Avoiding such energy thieves is absolutely okay. If we meet them, a cheerfully shouted greeting and brisk marching on is absolutely sufficient. Instead, we should surround ourselves more with people who do us good and inspire us.

2. Not feeling responsible for everything

The suffering of the world is not on our shoulders. We are not always responsible when others feel bad. We cannot save everyone or make everyone happy. There are things that we can actively influence, but we have to accept others and then try to make the best of the situation.

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3. Farewell to permanent happiness

Being happy all the time doesn't work. Long-term satisfaction makes us feel more positive than moments of happiness achieved in the short term. Happiness researcher Professor George E. Vaillant tells us in an interview what makes you happy. If we give up the hunt, peace can return. Strategically, we should rather think about how we can sustainably build satisfaction in our life and work on it consistently.

4. Get out of the comfort zone

Whoever only does what he already knows and can do, does not develop any further. Setting goals makes you happier in the long run, because when we master challenges, we have more confidence in ourselves and face the future more confidently and, above all, more relaxed.

5. It's up to you

The belief in influencing one's life and being able to make decisions independently gives us a positive attitude towards the future. If we believe that we are at the mercy of our fate, it tends to make us more dissatisfied. Inner peace can arise when we believe in ourselves.

6. Stop trying to impress others

We cannot influence what others think of us anyway. Nobody can please everyone, nobody is liked by everyone. So we can stop thinking about what others think of us and just listen to our own feelings.

7. Perfect? Doesn't even exist!

Business mentor Sonja Kreye reveals how we can shed perfectionism and achieve our goals in a more relaxed manner. Perfectionism sometimes makes life difficult for us. Especially if it is used to make the image appear as flawless as possible to the outside world. We are better off with the "80% is enough tactic". The apartment does not have to be perfectly tidy, the cake for the office can also come from a baking mix - letting go of demands is free. The others usually do not notice it anyway.

8. Resentment and hatred weaken our inner peace

Even if the boss is an unpleasant person, he doesn't deserve our hatred. For very selfish reasons, because negative feelings have one main effect: They weaken us. Therefore we should try to make peace with difficult people.

9. Minimalism is good for you

... and luckily it's trendy. Because in the meantime we have recognized that the 20th sweater and the floor lamp are worth the value of a Caribbean vacation and by no means make you happier. Consuming more sustainably brings us closer to true values ​​and gives us more peace (and time).

10. Change your image of yourself

Each of us has his own image of himself, his strengths and weaknesses. If we feel like someone who flutters uncertainly through the day, we lack stability. Positive affirmations can help us become strong. "I am unshakably calm", "Nothing can disturb me", "I am completely at peace with myself". If we work with these calm affirmations throughout the day, this will affect our self-perception after a few weeks.

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