What's the strangest modification you've ever seen

Therapeutic modification of behavior

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A recurring theme in this book is the ability of psychology to help individuals gain more control over themselves and build more meaningful relationships with their physical and social environment. We now come to an area of ​​applied psychology in which this goal is most likely to be realized: that of psychotherapy. Although there is no generally accepted definition of what psychotherapy is, let alone what it is supposed to do, the slang use of the term conveys the idea that it means the psychological treatment of deviant thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. The forms this treatment can take vary with the theories used to explain deviant behavior.

"Can't think of anything for a sick" mind? To regret suffering deeply rooted in memory? Erase the torments that are written in the brain and, by forgetting the sweet antidote, get rid of the poisonous burden that weighs heavily on the heart? "

William Shakespeare: Macbeth, 5. Act, 3rd scene

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