Is the DragonBall universe sexist

Is Dragenball Z Racist? Poll?

When Saiyajins are weak, they have black hair and eyes and little muscle. Boring hairstyles.

Little Muscle? Have you ever looked at the figures?

Boring hairstyles? I see exaggerated anime hairstyles in both pictures.

But when they '' wake up '' they become God-like white men, who of course must have blonde hair and blue eyes.

You completely ignore the fact that the characters were already white men before, because? ...

I'm just talking about the Dragonball Z universe.

Of course, because if you were to include the entire franchise, all of your arguments would go flat out.

Then you would have to see very quickly that the forms, the to the Super Saiyajin are suddenly no longer as "Aryan" as you want to make us believe.

As SSJ4, the highest level so far, the characters are back black, or. Red Hair.
So GodSSJ they have Blueness, or. Red Hair.
And Goku also has an ultrained instinct again black and in perfect shape white Hair.
The characters don't have blue eyes anywhere in these forms either.

You don't have to say much about Japan anymore ... And how many there are about WWII and the 3rd Reich.

Oh no? I guess so.
You write "stand", so you are talking about the present.
Enlighten us, how do you think the Japanese feel about the Third Reich today?

Do you find these parallels a bit extreme?

Because blonde = racist?
Boy, you shouldn't be looking towards Scandinavia ...

Are racist clichés being used here?

In no way.
Your examples aren't even racist clichés.

Everything you are referring to is an "ideal description" from the Third Reich, which has not even been aimed for or taken too seriously.

The simple reality is that the population in Japan almost exclusively has black hair.
Even brown is quite rare, not to speak of blonde or red at all.

So blonde hair is something special there, almost unnatural.
The same goes for blue eyes.

Then there is the anime culture, where hair colors have different meanings.
Blonde hair is there, among other things. for purity, loyalty and sincerity.
Among other things, exactly what makes a Super Saiyan.
(After all, the anime itself says that "a pure heart" is a prerequisite for becoming an SSJ.

So your accusation that something should be racist is nothing more than foolish nonsense.
You try to see something because you see something want, not more.
This is just as nonsense as the people who think "Ode to joy" would be sexist, because one place: "All people become brothers"reads.