How can I get Overwatch for free

Overwatch: Free to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC

After Blizzard Entertainment made “Overwatch 2” official a few weeks ago, you can deal with the predecessor again for free. The publisher lets you play the shooter for free until December 4, 2019. Players can take part on almost all platforms. The switch is an exception.

In the course of the free event you get access to almost all of the content of "Overwatch", which includes the cards and heroes. So if you want to get a comprehensive impression of the gameplay, start the platform of your choice and download "Overwatch" for free.

For the PC version of the trial, the client must be downloaded and a free Blizzard account created. "Overwatch" can then be installed and played. Console gamers can find the trial version as a "Free Trial" or "Overwatch Free Days" in the PlayStation Store or the Xbox One Store.

Without ranked battles

There are, however, restrictions. The choice of game modes is limited to quick search, arcade games and custom games. If you want to tackle the tutorial or the training area, you will also find it. However, the games in the ranking list remain closed. Do you want to play it, then you have to grab the full version of "Overwatch".

Keep track of your progress: The extras earned and the progress made in the context of the free event of "Overwatch" can be transferred to the full version of the shooter as usual, provided that you decide to buy it. In line with this, prices in the stores were reduced - at least temporarily. We have listed the offers for you below:

You shouldn't consider the purchase for too long. Because the offers are only valid until the beginning of December. You can see the exact times on the linked product pages. The free event runs one day longer.

+++ Overwatch: "Mercy's Recall Challenge" is ready - the rewards at a glance +++

"Overwatch 2" is expected to come onto the market in the coming year. There is no exact date yet. According to Blizzard Entertainment, owners of the first part will also benefit from the new content and improvements. And at some point both shooters should merge.

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