What damage can clogged gutters cause

Gutter cleaning

Clogged gutters - a ticking time bomb

Rain gutters have the task of safely diverting rainwater from the roof. Often, however, the process is disturbed: leaves, bird nests or remains of fireworks slow down the flow rate.

Overflows can occur. The facade is dirty or moisture penetrates the masonry. In the cold season, icicles form, which can be a danger for pedestrians. In the worst case, the roof drainage system clogs completely.

The best time for cleaning is the beginning of winter: Then the trees have shed their leaves and there is no more natural clogging material. In any case, the gutter must be clean before snow and ice can get in, so that the frost cannot cause any damage.

We recommend checking and cleaning the gutter system at least once a year in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Or arrange a roof maintenance contract with us. Our skilled workers then clean and check all connections, gutters, gullies, drainage pipes, wall connections, etc. to remove leaves and other dirt. At the same time, the entire roof area is checked for any damage.