What is the full form of SSG

Bank details


  • SSG Humboldt
    Commerzbank Berlin
    IBAN: DE87 12040000 0913296000 BIC: COBADEFFXXX

Contribution amount€ 15 per month


  • payablemonthly with standing order
  • Transfers pleasequarterly, i.e. 45, - € /quarterto no later than15th des first month of the quarter
  • Please provide proof of payment


  • Club members receive a monthly fee Annual discount when paying the Annual feeuntil 31.January of the year.
  • Club members receive a monthly fee Family discount for each additional member, at one Membership of at least 6 months by the end of the year.
  • Club members who regularly lead a training group as a trainer or trainer pay 50% of the regular fee.
  • Association members with a board function pay a minimum contribution of 5 € per month.
  • Trainers, trainers and board members are excluded from the annual discount and do not count towards the calculation of the family discount.



  • please make sure to provide the following information - otherwise we cannot find or assign the incoming payment
  • Child's name (not the parents), Dept. Judo, name of the trainer, quarter and year information (Contribution for what)!!!

Trial training


  • possible area maximum of 3 training units!
  • The trial training startedbefore the 15th of a monthso must after joining for that monththe normal contribution retrospectively be paid.

Joining fee


  • unique30,-€
  • Reduction of € 15 for family members in the club and when changing clubs



  • in writing, please
  • Notice period at the end of the following month

Examination regulations


  • By resolution of the board and trainer meeting on September 25, 2017, a new regulation for admission to the belt test has been in effect since September 1, 2017.
  • The following must be present:
    • Membership in the SSG Humboldt / Judo for at least 6 months
    • a full contribution payment
    • a judo pass with a valid year stamp
    • regular participation in training
    • At least five competition points in the current school year (there is 1 WKPkt per active participation in a tournament. This rule does not apply to the examination for the white / yellow belt.) The waiting time for athletes without valid fight points is at least 24 months!
    • technical ability and personal maturity (will be assessed by the coaching team)
  • Exceptions:
    Lengthy illnesses, injuries or circumstances for which the athlete is not responsible, whereby the above points could not be fulfilled. (In this case, a well-founded individual decision is made by the coaching team.)
  • As a rule, the belt exams take place at the end of the school year.