Can I drink 2 beers a day

Even small amounts of alcohol can be harmful if consumed regularly. For men, the "low-risk threshold dose" is 20 to 24 grams of pure alcohol per day, which corresponds to about half a liter of beer or a quarter of wine, explained the German Central Office for Addiction Issues (DHS) on Tuesday in Munich.

For women it may be half, i.e. an eighth liter of wine or a quarter of a liter of beer. These values, which were already mentioned four years ago, have now been proven in further long-term studies. The World Health Organization (WHO) has so far assumed an abuse of more than 20 grams in women and more than 30 grams in men.

Even with the lower alcohol dose, two alcohol-free days a week and several weeks a year should be adhered to, said the chairman of the scientific board of trustees of the DHS, Karl Mann. Alcohol plays an essential role not only in liver damage, but also in cancer and mental illnesses such as depression.

Women are particularly at risk from breast cancer. Even very small amounts could contribute to an increased risk, said DHS Managing Director Rolf H├╝llinghorst. After a 2006 in the trade magazine International Journal of Cancer published study, 3.6 percent of all cancer cases worldwide are due to alcohol. Breast cancer accounts for 60 percent of all alcohol-related cancer cases among women.

A health-promoting effect of alcohol there is only in a very narrow context, said the DHS chairman Prof. Jobst B├Âning. In older men at risk of heart attack or stroke, small amounts of alcohol could reduce the risks. However, this effect turns into its opposite even with a slightly increased consumption. "The effect is grossly overestimated."

The DHS experts spoke out in favor of a ban on alcohol advertising in Germany. At ten liters per capita per year, alcohol consumption is above the European average of eight liters. "There's good evidence that advertising is actually driving up consumption," said Mann.

Alcohol advertising is currently aimed primarily at women, as there is still more potential for increasing consumption among them than among men. In France, warnings on the drinks and increased alcohol controls have also led to a drastic decrease in consumption. "If you were to multiply the controls a hundredfold, you would have an enormous effect."