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Retrieve Words from Kindergarten Graduates from Mother School. Congratulations in your own words with the publication in kindergarten

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For the graduation ceremony:

Congratulations to graduates of kindergarten

Graduate our dear
We participate with you.
And we want to wish it
So that you have studied five.
Always be funny, brave,
Spex, strong and skillful.
Be a little stricter
Be a good companion
So that we could be proud of you
Graduate our dear!

"Words of gratitude in the graduation in kindergarten from the parents"

Sports with a kindergarten for us so sad!
He was at home for our defensive.
I would like to come back
But it's all children's dreams.
We wish you good luck and good luck,
We are so grateful for the love.
It means a lot to children in life
You don't forget anything!

Congratulations at the end of kindergarten

You are a graduate today
You finished kindergarten.
Handle, eraser and diary
New in the race.

We want to receive
Only alternative "five",
Learn a lot
Children's kindergarten remember!

"Poems on graduation in kindergarten"

Farewell, favorite kindergarten,
With you, Pott ate salt! ..
Girls a lot and guys
Ready to go to school!
And educators work
And cooks and nanny
Believe me, believe me, won't go -
Love you will be with us!
We love you very much too
Love you always
... go to the eleventh grade,
You still don't forget !!!

Wishes from educators to parents in the final kindergarten

Today is a special day, today graduation.
We say goodbye that we sadly say goodbye to your beloved boys.
We no longer have their good "Hello!"
And no longer praised after lunch.
But I want to wish mothers and fathers
Without bringing the trouble of special children.
Let your actions always make you happy,
And don't worry the heart out of fear and anger!

"Congratulations to children who graduate from kindergarten"

Now say to school
Their boys' kindergarten.
And trembles in the hands of bunches of flowers
Our glorious preschool.

Boss chick
You came with my mother in the group.
Poseomnel, matured,
They threatened.

I've been tuning a tight
In the world, it's time to fly away.
In a good way, in the land of knowledge
Wrinkles of a fighter!

Soon you will be sitting for the parties,
Call you
You are no longer reached
You are a disciple now.

Your joy and problems
Each was split in half.
Everything you taught yourself
Come in handy at school.

An ideal congratulation for children and teachers who are not easy, as it is necessary to take into account the young age of children and use the simplicity of rhymes. Of course, similar poetic lines can be found on the Internet, but many of these desires are characterized by the submission and vomiting. Less interesting and touch is congratulated on children on graduation from kindergarten, which was independently invented and compiled. How to create it and what should be looked out for in the process?

Congratulations in prose from parents and educators

Often with the creation of a prom plan in kindergarten, parents forget that the main characters of the celebration are their children. Therefore, congratulations to the educators and other kindergarten staff shouldn't take too long.

Well, 2017 is gaining popularity in stylized prom, for example, on the theme of children's favorite stories or famous cartoon. Therefore, congratulations even for children on graduation in the garden should reflect the overall mood, correspond to the theme of the celebration.

When adults cannot come up with poetic lines for their children, they can stick to prose in the congratulations. However, any such festive speech must adhere to the various rules:

  1. Congratulatory statements in prose should not be too long because the children get tired of hearing them, hearing them.
  2. It is necessary to carefully consider the structure of such prose congratulations so that the utterances are not boring and banal.

Supported language turns and high speed words that children are unlikely to understand.

For example, ideal congratulatory lines in prose might sound like this:

"Taking a step beyond the beloved kindergarten today, you step on a completely new, unknown path. In front of today's graduates are waiting for the opening, fabulous and funny moments, new friendship. So let the fire of knowledge that is grilled in kindergarten , will grow with each passing day, illuminating the way to a new, happy and adult life. "

Such a congratulation will be touching, simple and fabulous at the same time. If you need to make requests from educators in prose, a little more business style should be followed.

For example, it sounds like this:

"In recent years you have covered this kindergarten with your irresistible energy and your life. Say goodbye to kindergarten, do not forget that those who have worked here, trying to tell you as much as possible about the world When you step into a new, amazing stage in your life, you sometimes remember your kindergarten because it was here for the first time that you learned about friendship and mutual execution. "

It is worth avoiding the standard wishes about health and happiness as they do not express emotions and often stay unless they are. The more touch and personal will the child wants, the more it will be remembered.

Poetic wishes from parents and educators

Graduate wishes, compiled in poetic form, is a special topic for discussion. The thing is that such poems appear almost every children's holiday and, with it, lose their individuality. Adults should not take poetic work from the Internet or special publications, because then they will not have the soul and the necessary mood.

When creating your own congratulations from parents in verse, it is necessary to take into account the following nuances:

  • poetic works should not be too long, so as not to produce mature children (maximum 8-12 lines);
  • it is worth avoiding high-pass metaphors and complex revolutions as they are incomprehensible to children;
  • Poems need to have unverified rhymes as it is far more important, and not the beauty of the syllable.

Congratulations from parents can be as follows:

"Today we congratulate children

With this easy and joyous day.

We wish you knowledge, health

Soon we will go to school together.

We will work there, learn

Many rules that we will distinguish.

We will look for new vertices

Don't forget kindergarten. "

In such congratulations we can talk about how much kindergarten gave children, as they appreciate the knowledge and skills gained here. Parents can congratulate themselves by reading it again. In this case, the impression is created that each of them took part in the development of this festive verse.

Desires from educators or from the head can also be written in poetic form.

If the kindergarten staff do not have poetic talents, they should contact the finished poems for easy modification.

The perfect congratulations for preschoolers might sound like this:

"In the kindergarten you came

They played and studied here.

Here are good friends you've made

And in the bottomless knowledge of the world that you have established.

School soon, first class

You get swollen without looking back.

Only you don't forget that

How played together in hide and seek.

How grown and developed

New peaks knew.

Sometimes you argued, swear

But always on the right track to participate. "

Congratulations on the kindergarten staff almost always touch, with some notes of nostalgia. Absolutely the whole team can also take part in his reading.

Congratulations on graduation for kindergarten staff

Do not forget that graduation from kindergarten is not only an important moment in the life of every child, but also a touching evening for employees of the institution. Parents and children should be interesting and bright congratulations, that will fully reflect their feelings about the end of kindergarten. The most important thing is not to write an interesting rhyme, but to present it correctly.

For example, adults can take the design of a special poster, which will be photos of children and educators with a variety of congratulations and drawings. Beautifully decorated poster, the management of the kindergarten will hang in a prominent place in one of the rooms. Congratulations can be taken from the Internet on such a poster, as the effect is achieved due to the correct presentation of the wishes.

Even children can prepare a scene with consideration of the congratulations for a favorite educator and staff of the institution.

What should be such a congratulation from children for adults?

  1. It should not contain complex revolutions so that children can easily read and memorize the poem.
  2. This product should mention either the name of the kindergarten or the name and patronymy of the teacher, so that the wish is more personal and touching.
  3. Congratulations shouldn't be too long as children 6-7 years old have a hard time remembering the big text.

For example, the perfect congratulations for kindergarten staff might look like this:

"Our vacation is long awaited

Our first degree in life.

Our garden is sweet and desirable

We are sorry
Today we are with you.

We wish the educator from us

Success, creative victories.

And in good memory leave yours

For us there is a flammable hello.

At kindergarten, of course we get bored

For anyone who made us smile.

But new world we have to open up

And know, study, obey! "

Children can read congratulations to the choir or to will, and it all depends on the structure of the vacation itself. However, the educators and the minds are clearly imbued with the fact that children, along with their parents, amounted to such touching wishes for them.

Main mistakes when creating vacation wishes

Sometimes such children's holidays are not distinguished by a great variety, and parents often allow offensive mistakes in creating congratulations, which makes the celebration more boring and boring.

When adults suggest to congratulate the children themselves with the help of poetic lines, they should avoid banality. It is better not to take poems from the Internet, as the independent lines will be a lot touching and bright independently.

Beautiful I congratulations. At the completion of kindergarten in 2018, Hexlets, passed in the first grade, parents, educators, nanny and the rest of the staff of the preschool educational institution. Inspirational texts sound in verse and prose. Garden staff turn to their wards and their mothers and dads. Parents will welcome S. beautiful holiday children and educators, adult children thank for love, care and attention educational composition and relatives. All warm words and pleasant phrases given in this period, the hearts are touched and remain in the memory for a long time, heating with their sincerity, warmth and kindness.

Official congratulations in prose for graduation in 2018 in kindergarten from parent staff

Solemn, official greetings in prose for the end of 2018 in kindergarten from parent employees should sound respectful and beautiful. Mums and dads have to pick up the best inspired and tremendous words to be sincere thanks to the head, the caretaker, the nurse, the kitchen staff and other workers who came to the day to day despite the weather, the mood and the Work, opened the doors of the garden and created comfortable conditions for children for learning, fun games and development.

The daily work of these people is not credited and deserves the highest praise. After all, bringing up the younger generation is a great responsibility. And only a very sincere, kind, generous, and patient person who can gently and unobtrusively teach the most important hours of life can deal with her and instruct the toddlers on the path of what is "good" and what is "bad."

Examples of official congratulatory texts in prose up to the end of 2018 in kindergarten for employees of the parents

Congratulations to all of the staff at this wonderful graduate kindergarten. You are very well done and truly worthy of the title of best worker in the happy childhood field. I wish you every success in your future activities, many more wonderful and joyful groups, and an incessant series of joyful events in life.

Dear kindergarten officials, we warmly congratulate you on the next version of the boys from your walls. We wish you health, patience, creative inspiration at work, family well-being, let your wards always give you the opportunity to be proud of your success.

Dear kindergarten staff! Here are already adult babes leaving your walls, and soon other kids fill them with loud laughter and rampant energy. We thank you for your invaluable hard work and wish you patience, spiritual strength, and inspiration. Let the children feed you with their energy and give you a sincere and optimistic charge!

Dear, our beloved, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your work and for what you care for our children with such responsiveness and love. You put so many useful skills on them, you are patient and tremble to them. Worried about her little problems and failures and so do we, proud of her successes and successes. Please accept our sincere parent! Let your good always be rewarded, happiness and joy in life.

Congratulations from children's staff on graduation 2018 in kindergarten in verse and prose

Beautiful congratulations from children's hands for graduation 2018 in kindergarten can be conveyed in both verse and prose. Keep them busy with one expression and louder appropriately at the final matinee when all the boys, parents and staff will gather in the playroom or assembly hall.

At this moment, boys and girls will be presented a unique case sincere, inspired and wholeheartedly inspired and wholeheartedly, thank all kindergarten staff, minds, educators and nurses for tremendous love, comprehensive attention and care, sincerely and sincerely presented to the children the years.

It is these feelings that have helped the staff to constantly wait kindergarten warm, pleasant and cozy atmosphere that provides children with the opportunity to receive community knowledge comfortably, develop creative to be applied arts and fun to be favorite -Play collective games.

Collection of congratulations in verse and prose from children from children's staff of the kindergarten for graduation 2018

They accepted our children with babies

What is still bad.

Busy spoons eat themselves

But don't want to get dressed yet ...

Children who are difficult to order

There is a lot to explain:

And how to wash and do the fee,

Go to the pot and fall asleep in your sleep.

And tears and slide it is necessary to wipe

Steer, calm, understand, repent.

Learn how to move together to help you contract

Sculpt, draw and sing a little!

And mothers quietly go to work

We know - in the reliable hands of the children.

For your love and for your concern

We are deeply grateful to you for your work!

Today we let ourselves in life. We would like to express your great gratitude for all works. For the love for us, for what we carried on our hands, for sailing, for careful preparations for holidays and for all kinds of interesting classes.And we want to wish you luck, spiritual strength and good health.

Our educators and nannies -

You are an example of spiritual kindness

Today we give bouquets of flowers today:

Fresh spring flowers.

Our version, please don't forget

And invite you to visit more often

All the grain that you gave you

You will be coming back to boomerang kindness!

Dear, loved our kindergarten staff. With all our hearts we want to thank you for your work and for the fact that you will look after us for many years with such responsiveness and love. You have assured us so many useful skills, you have patiently and stepped up to us. Concerned about our little problems and failures and proud of our successes and achievements. Please accept our sincere thanks! Let your good always be rewarded, happiness and joy in life.

How quickly did the child end

We are leaving our kindergarten

And garden workers inheritance

We leave a part of the soul.

Thank you for your concern,

For fun games and songs,

For hard work

What made your childhood wonderful?

Happy and funny congratulations on graduation 2018 in kindergarten from parents to children

The most powerful and funniest congratulations on graduation 2018 in kindergarten from parents to children will be carried out on the last matinee. Mothers and Popes will greet their favorite son and daughters with the successful end of the first important period that opens the door to a new, interesting and abundant life. In beautiful, inspired phrases, kids want to stay hardworking, active, and attentive to relate well to their loved ones, to appreciate real friendship, and never forget what teachers taught them in kindergarten.

The room with congratulations from parents can be erected in the form of a bright, beautiful show and pleasant for all mothers and fathers to attend. Let everyone have the opportunity on graduation day of the holiday to address their child and any children in a group with good, sincere, and warm words and separate phrases. Such a format will appeal to this present and be met with stormy applause.

In addition, it is appropriate to use bribal musical accompaniment, or complement the poetic works and prose texts with original dance. The Threder will be very pleased to sing, sing, dance, read verses and devote beautiful, inspiring and optimistic partial speeches from beloved offspring to his serious, solid and strict parents, so unexpectedly and quickly completed.

Collection of happy, funny congratulations-congratulations on graduation 2018 in kindergarten children from parents

Congratulations to you guys

With your first degree!

We are of course for you, glad

But a little sad.

Don't go to kindergarten anymore

Waiting for you new things,

But toys and cribs

Will always be remembered.

We wish in school

You have learned everything to "five".

And of course with warmth

Children's kindergarten remember!

Congratulations on your first graduation. Today is the time to say goodbye to kindergarten and walk the streets of new knowledge and hobbies in the lands of ignorance and discovery in new ways. I do not want to lose interest in anything new, I want to find wonderful and friendly friends, I wish with great enthusiasm and overwhelmed the way to the dreams of my children.

I ran fast for years -

Garden children behind it.

You are very big steel

It's time for you to go to school!

You are no longer an achievement

You go in first grade!

Congratulations to you guys

Make dreams come true!

We wish you victories

Life is fabulously beautiful.

Leave the green light on

In a fairy tale for children and happy!

Dear children, today you have the first prom cuts in your life.We congratulate you from the bottom of your heart. You have grown up, leaving your favorite kindergarten, but at least you will love school. Forward is waiting for school week, new friends, discoveries, knowledge. Try to learn. Only then will everything work in your life!

Kindergarten in the back -

The first in the life of the graduation!

We invite you to school

Just the "fives" you want.

So that you enjoy studying,

So that parents are proud.

Luck, resistance, patience

And just a little luck.

Greetings from the educator for children on the 2018 graduation in kindergarten

Very nice greetings from the educator for children for the 2018 graduation in kindergarten will occur at the beginning of the festive matinee. The mentor turns with a bright, inspiring, optimistic speech and greets the children with the beginning of the first solemn date in their life - the end of the garden and the moment of the official end of a carefree fun childhood.

Now the lives of boys and girls are fundamentally changing. There will be more responsibility, and there will be very little time on the games and fun. Summer becomes imperceptible, and the former kindergartens are placed on a beautiful surface shape, they collect briefcases, take bouquets of color and go to school to get education, open new horizons and make good friends from classmates. But even in this whirlpool you will never forget the wonderful, joyful time that was spent in the kindergarten next to the good, careful, charismatic and moderately strict teacher. And the part-time words said by the "second mother" on the graduation will warm their hearts for a long time and serve as a kind of motivator to overcome the obstacles and achieve their goals.

Texts of beautiful congratulations for graduation 2018 in kindergarten from educators for children

Congratulations on a small event! Best years ahead - the school. Let it be luck, successful study, good teachers, simple homework, lots of scientific knowledge. Let yourself be satisfied with interesting, useful ways every day. Be healthy, successful, and wise.

Little your world in the garden

It got full.

Waiting for a great new world.

With closure pits!

I wish in the new world

Joyful discoveries

Bright days, good friends,

Lots of events.

Don't lose and don't steal

We promise.

And beloved kindergarten.

Visit more often!

Here is your first degree, you are leaving kindergarten, and a lot of new and interesting await you in front of you. With graduation, I wish you, children, good studies in school, teaching, responsibility, joy, new success, you will find many new friends, health, new interesting knowledge and skills, let everything come out to you!

Machines, dolls and bears

Already stayed behind.

Notebook, buttons, books

They wait ahead.

FROM last day In the garden is loved

Today they congratulate you.

Successful will be interesting

Let every class be in your school.

So I became a crumb of adults, congratulations on first graduation. Let all of the knowledge and skills in kindergarten help the child achieve their goals big and small. I want to go further, to be sure of my path, to only meet good and sincere people. Health, joy and happy friends.

Best regards from parents for graduation 2018 in kindergarten educators

Very nice congratulations. For the 2018 kindergarten graduation, supervisors will come from the parents. Mothers and fathers with a feeling of infinite gratitude WELCOME, For several years of diligent tutorials, the basics of communication, the code of conduct and the main moral principles inherent in the decent person.

When turning to caregivers on a significant graduation day, parents only say the best and touching phrases in verse or prose. They want the pedcowing agency to always be the same kind, affectionate, affectionate, caring, fair, positive and share their feelings with new children who come to the garden near September and take him away with their laughter and smiles become.

Separately, mothers and fathers speak thanks to educators, and sometimes they understood the children better, attracting the attention of their loved ones to the child's bad mood and irritability in a timely manner. This was allowed to recognize moral problems in time and help the baby overcome them quickly.

Texts parents for congratulations on graduation 2018 in kindergarten educators

Educators relatives,

Our mothers are second

Your chips are now

Go to first class.

We congratulate you

Very much appreciate, respect.

Let your students

We'll be able to make our own world.

Thank you for your job

For good, warm, care

We want to say of the soul

Happiness in life wish!

Dear and distinguished educators, today your pupils, wonderful and wonderful children, are leaving the walls of kindergartens. Congratulations on the goal. Let us both wear out joyfully and sadly from moments, but even so, time is not still, the children are time to continue their journey and strive for something new, and new students who give your care and love are waiting for you . Thank you for the wonderful education of children, for the first and important knowledge, for interesting and bright hobbies. They helped the children overcome fears and insecurities, taught them to go to the end and seek their goals. It is your merit and you must be proud of it. We wish you many years of successful activity, wonderful children and great happiness every day.

The work of the educator is not easy -

Skills, because who:

Praise and play

Collect a bag of toys of various kinds

And know the plots of many fairy tales.

On the road in the sand drive

Run in the cabin, don't be lazy

To feed everyone and climb

Don't even get up to get tired.

Of course, all cases do not think.

You have a big heart.

Thanks for the days in the garden

Your kindness for your caress.

We wish you inspiration

Success creative, patience,

Honored great salaries.

Thanks for kindergarten!

Dear educators, congratulations! Make children smile, sincere pure eyes, gratitude from parents, infinite respect is your reward. Just leave life to you good, happiness, love, everything you put in children's souls. Patience, understanding, health, strength of spirit, positive!

Recognition We dedicate ours to you

For the experience and wisdom, for your qualities,

Yet good people of children do -

Your job is not difficult in the world.

And we are grateful to all of our hands

Warmth that has been given and children and us.

And the children grow and they grow up

After all, time flies, loin days ...

Thanks still for using books

We have taught you on the cluff, letters from children

And they gave them what it is impossible to take from books:

They left the light in their souls.

And in the fall the children will go to school

But you will bring your gratitude

For work and patience for comfort,

In which her childhood lives forever.

Sincere congratulations from children to educators for graduation in 2018 in kindergarten

The brightest, warm and gentle greetings When graduating in kindergarten 2018, children are dedicated to educators. They thank their mentors in verse and prose for love, affection and pure hearted attention. The boys and girls remember how once small with their parents, they would meet their parents in the garden, meet employees and boys in the group. Quite a lot of time passed and everything in the educational institution became its own, beloved and trusted, and the fair and good teacher became a "second mom", telling secrets or asking for help.

And now it is time to say goodbye to the cozy kindergarten with his group and their staff, and the teachers say once again beautifully, thank you for the part of the heart that they donate to every child that appears under the umbrella of the kindergarten . These years will be remembered forever and will still warm the souls of children with their valid simple warmth.

List of sincere congratulations to educators of children for graduation in 2018 in kindergarten

Thank you, educators,

For affection and love

For work and charm,

For many good words.

For the wipe nose,


For fairy tales and walks,

Classes and workouts.

You are being promoted today

Congratulations and anger,

And in the fall with the portfolio

I'm in first grade.

We want inspiration.

And create forces.

We wish new children

Heat to give own.

Dear, our educators, congratulate you on graduating from kindergarten! We wish that the homeland and the mentality of your work will surprise you and have made you happy. Always be healthy, reliable and sincere, loved, precious and memorable!

Part very sad

We want to stay

Only the school ahead,

Kindergarten our back!

Patiently taught us

Helped and loved

We are grateful for everything

Everything works here - there aren't any

We read and wrote

Songs sang and danced

And we read poetry

There were cool days!

Congratulations on graduation

Happiness, joy we wish

Let it bloom for a hundred years in a row

Our favorite kindergarten!

Supporters want to say thank you for their work, return, attention and love for us! We have today's first degree in life. We wish you a lot of work and look forward to it. Obedience for you students and bright days, joyful and amazing events, pleasant emotions, joy and patience!

"Goodbye Goodbye!" -

We talk today

Only kindergarten is our favorite

We don't want to forget.

They tried to do for us

Sadik warm and relatives.

Loved educators

Thank you we're talking.

They taught us a lot:

Draw, sculpt, play.

You studied with yourself

Lots of fairy tales that we learned

And not every day.

We are grateful for that.

The kindergarten was like a house.

Since early on we have passed the training levels that play a key role in the formation of not only cognitive skills, but also personal qualities. After completing absolutely each of these stages (kindergarten, school, university), we gain tremendous experience and knowledge. A peculiar feature that sums up this experience is a graduation vacation. And the last call or the final point in 9-11 grades, a farewell evening in grade 4 elementary school or a matinee in kindergarten are not so important. Absolutely one of the above events makes children look back and sum up the final journey. But in addition to graduates who experience mixed feelings of pride and sadness, such holidays are important for adults - parents, educators, teachers, class teachers. After that, graduation is a great reason for them to express their love, support, and respect for the perpetrators of the celebration. For example, touch with the help of beautiful and congratulations. In verse or prose, which is so important to hear children about similar events. Next, wait for the best best congratulations. Graduates of 2018 from all ages of parents and teachers, including first teacher.

Top congratulations to 2018 graduates in kindergarten from parents

Few of us remember our final matinee in kindergarten. But most of the warmer and pleasant memories of this lifetime remained in the soul. Therefore, it is not necessary to believe that a farewell holiday in kindergarten is not important for today's graduates and the bright challenge will not be left in their hearts. Much better everything to do everything for this event to happen in the most positive and joyful atmosphere. For this, it is worth preparing the most touching congratulations to the graduates of kindergarten 2018 from parents in verse or prose. Such congratulations will definitely break the mood for young graduates and give them moments of support and pride in their achievements.

Options for touching Congratulations From Parents On A Kindergarten Graduate In 2018

I ran fast for years -
Garden children behind it.
You are very big steel
It's time for you to go to school!

You are no longer an achievement
You go in first grade!
Congratulations to you guys
Make dreams come true!

We wish you victories
Life is fabulously beautiful.
Leave the green light on
In a fairy tale for children and happy!

Kindergarten in the back -
The first in the life of the graduation!
We invite you to school
Just the "fives" you want.

So that you enjoy studying,
So that parents are proud.
Luck, resistance, patience
And just a little luck.

Congratulations on your first graduation. Today is the time to say goodbye to kindergarten and walk the streets of new knowledge and hobbies in the lands of ignorance and discovery in new ways. I do not want to lose interest in anything new, I want to find wonderful and friendly friends, I wish with great enthusiasm and overwhelmed the way to the dreams of my children.

Greetings from the educational graduates 2018 in the kindergarten in verse

Like parents, teachers want to express the words of love and support for the children at the kindergarten graduation matinee. Therefore, they often prepare beautiful congratulations in verse that garden studies of the garden are especially pleased to hear from the mouth of the teacher. Unlike mothers and fathers, teachers say goodbye to their students forever. So they are so important to say a few words to touch and at least somewhat smooth out the sad atmosphere of the event.

The most beautiful greetings in verse for the graduate of kindergarten 2018 from educators

In the selection below you will find the most beautiful congratulations for graduates of kindergartens from kindergartens from educators in verse.

Machines, dolls and bears
Already stayed behind.
Notebook, buttons, books
They wait ahead.

The last day in the garden is loved
Today we congratulate you.
Successful will be interesting
Let every class be in your school.

So you got older
Soon the school will take you.
Let go with regret
How are we without your eyes

Like now without your jokes
Without a mischievous smile
Not a moment in a moment
To remember your loved ones.

We wish you good health
Quiet in summer
With renewed interest
To recruit school knowledge.

The first degree in your life.
Kindergarten says goodbye to you.
Matrees, games, day sleep -
That's all memories now.

The school joyfully opens the door
And the teacher will meet on the threshold.
Doshrolov will not be at this moment -
Schoolchildren are named as children.

Ahead you are waiting for good luck.
Books are waiting, tasks, equations.
We wish you in all the victories
With ease of learning, learning lets you learn.

Best congratulations graduates graduates in 2018 from the first teacher

The completion in the 4th grade is often underestimated if one considers this vacation superficially and financially expensive for parents. In practice, however, in practice, such an event with the ability to say thank you and say goodbye to the first teachers is important for children. And for the teacher, who has been a mentor and an assistant to each of his students for 4 years, it is also very important to express good wishes to graduates. It is most convenient to do this in the format of the touch of congratulatory graduates of classes 2018 from the first teacher, from whom we collected in the next selection.

Best examples of congratulations to graduates of 4 grades from the first teacher

The best congratulations from the 2018 graduates from the first teacher are below.

Thanks for the invitation
On vacation you, nice graduation,
I remember you funny kids
Young shy girl with scythe
Well today you've grown up
It's time for you to leave school
Accept from the first teacher
They wish: trouble, no problem!
Be honest, intelligent and fair,
Make a lie from the truth to make a difference
I want each of you to be happy
I wish you all that is great not to know.

In first grade you came to me
I remember each of you
And before us today
Prom of your kind class
You grew fast, children,
Not during the day, but at the hour
I will tell you how in first grade:
You believe in miracles
There will be happiness in your life
Dreams certainly come true
Don't be lazy don't give up
I wish you kindness!

My dear boys, time, flow quickly, and now you are already graduates. I congratulate you from a clean heart with the route of the first stage of the knowledge of life. As the first teacher, I remember you, happy, happy, good children. I want you to stay alive forever. Let each of you acquire happiness and love, respect and good luck, well-being and desire for your dream.

Congratulations to the parents of graduates 9-11 grades for the last call of 2018

The final call for graduates from 9th and 11th grade is a kind of rehearsal of farewell to school before graduation night. And despite the fact that there will still be a real farewell night before high school students to get the words of approval and wise directions, especially from moms and dads, on this day they are important too. That is why you should not neglect the parents of the graduates 9-11 classes, happy congratulations. Last call in 2018. With their help, you can support your children and help them cope with sad emotions.

Congratulations Congratulations to graduates of 9-11 classes from parents for the last call in 2018

Original options for congratulations for graduates 9-11 classes from parents for the last call 2018 in verse and prose can be found in the next selection.

Children our treasure
How are you doing for us streets
With the certificate you congratulate you
Together we are all now!

We wish you good luck,
So that accompanied successfully
Let it be more often
Boy, paddle laugh!

We want you to learn
Get diplomas.
To be honest, just and right
On the planet of our Live!

Beautiful daughters!
Adults our sons!
So you have reached the "point"
School your bank.

Low arch for teachers!
He gave you a lot.
Knowledge and wisdom a lot
At the price of your horror.

And so the road is open to you
Ahead in adult life.
Now make a choice
You matured on the right track!

The graduation is a solemn, long-awaited and awesome event for every person! From parents of parents, I wish the graduates - a happy road! Let your chosen further path lead you to true happiness and contentment. Remember that the foundation is that the teachers left within you will be with you all my life. Greater success and unbelievable success!

Funny congratulations to 2018 graduates from parents for graduation from school

Among the touching and beautiful separators on graduation night at school, the high school student lacks a little bit of humor that could remove stress lines in all the present on vacation. With this assignment, you can try to catch up with funny congratulations graduates of 2018 from parents who are definitely having a graduation night at school more fun. For example, you can use short quarters with humorous desires, consisting of youth slang. If at the same time parents also appear in ridiculous outfits, then such congratulations will definitely like and remember graduates for long years.

The coolest congratulations on the 2018 closing post from parent graduates

Options for the cool parents congratulations for the 2018 graduates to find a farewell evening in the next selection of poems.

You graduate today
Our child, you are big now.
On the cusp of a new life you stand
We hope you will surprise us!

Achieve a lot in life
It is necessary to work well.
You can reach great heights
And the star in the sky will pick up!

We wish you stubbornly
Smart Brave sometimes agile.
Choose your right path in life
We wish you - don't collapse!

Graduation - Twofold Holiday,
In it and joy and sadness.
Adults turned into a baby chase,
Mom and dad feel sorry for something.

We wish our child
Choose the right path to destiny.
Good friend let it be around
And in all that you are lucky.

Leave a wide road
It will be smooth with no stones.
In the whirl of life
Remember - no family is important.

And tears stubbornly flow again.
They have grown older and grown up.
I'll tell you, I'm still mom.
I know a lot of little things.

I wish you all love huge
So that happiness was forever.
Salary was inhuman
Study is not forever.

Touching congratulations in verses and prose graduates 2018 from the class teacher

Particular attention to every farewell night at school is touched by touching congratulations to the class teacher's graduate in verse or prose. These are exactly the kind of desires that every trepidation high school student listens to. After all, the class teacher had been a wise mentor and good friend to his students and teachers for many years. Hence, there is nothing surprising in the fact that on the last call or graduation evening his part-time words and good congratulations from the entire class await. In addition, it is one of the ways for the teacher to feel beautiful and at the same time from the favorite student.

Examples of touching congratulations in verse and prose from the 2018 class teacher graduates

Here are some examples of congratulations in verse and prose for class teacher's high school graduates.

As I remember, I remember that day
How we first met.
You were so little
And stood near mothers.

Years have flown very quickly
You are different from all -
A series is waiting for its problems
And another life because it has matured.

Over the years everything happened between us:
Areding, pain, victory, defeat.
I remember every happy moment
After all, I loved you as my family.

I wish you all the plans of the incarnation,
So that all your wishes come true!
And remember: where would you climb?
Try conscience to make a decision.

Don't burn before life is difficult
Forward watch you always proud.
Sobody stay forever
How will you stay young to me?

How fast did the time fly?
Most recently, you moms
With colored colors and looked
Led the handle in fifth grade.

Today I am not a stranger to you.
And part of the soul gives you
Accompanied you with pain in the heart
In a big way in an adult world.

And you send me a telegram
About and just like that.
I became my second mother
And that, children, no small matter.

I will worry for you
And from the heart to worry
And now you promise:
I often call myself, write.

So many feelings got mixed up in my soul instantly
After all, the boys of mine today - graduation!
I don't forget how I took you to fifth grade
During these years we have become a family!

Travel, holidays, concerts, Kvni -
Lots was incredible minutes!
You remember her, guys, with no failure
And let them live in your hearts!

To the top of the knowledge you've passed your way, thorny,
And I wanted to be a friend to you!
And our pride is 2 successful medalists,
Decorate our happy school, friendly class!

Not so easy that I let go today
You are the first issue, you double me!
I wish you to live with dignity, noble,
Finally, humanity, conscience, honor - always in the price!

Strive for your goals and your loved ones,
Don't forget about school, class, teacher!
Let life be full of accomplishments and discoveries,
Be happy, be sure of it!

And graduates big and small to hear on vacation. Last call A good and touching parting word. Throughout the educational process, their parents were supported, cool teachers, educators. Adults helped them cope with important tasks and told them how to solve various problems. Take a beautiful closing word, kindergartens, readers, chosen by us. In the collections there are simple examples of wise instruction from first teachers, mothers and fathers, directors and heads. Even the best texts you can use as a foundation for writing new private words for Kindergarten, 4, 9, or Grade 11. We also recommend viewing useful video tips. They will just help and just write smart and good bodies for guys.

Wise separator word from the class teacher and graduates from 9 and 11 grades

The class teacher and teachers become best friends for all middle and senior school students. Wise teachers are always ready to support the boys and help them solve questions. Take a beautiful parting word for graduates 9 and 11 grades from the class teacher and teachers help us choose texts.

Examples of separating words from the class leader and teachers graduates of grade 9

The boys who leave school or the gyms after grade 9, it is quite difficult to get used to the new environment in the lyzums, colleges. Support the students and express themselves a good parting from Word Class Teacher, loved ones. To express the care and draw attention to it, help us with the applications we welcome.

Congratulations on graduation. Let these 9 years spent on the walls of the beloved school, only good and joyful moments in memory, let all the accumulated knowledge and experience always help to achieve your goals, always let your attention to your desires and priorities.

Congratulations on graduation, with the end of the path, although not complete, but secondary education. I want to hear the elders, show my personal interest, and make a dearly decision to go on. Do not let the thrust for knowledge fade, let life give you many chances and possibilities for the realization of conceived plans and ideas.

Congratulations on your graduation. Now that you have a basic education in your pocket prostitute opens up before you. Whatever you choose, I wish you the best of luck, warmth, support for loved ones, self-confidence, and undoubted success.

Congratulations on graduation. Over the shoulders of 9 classes, in your head a lot of knowledge, in your pocket a happy ticket on the world tour, in the heart of a cherished dream and in your soul a good hope. I want to decide about my future life, choose my own place under the sun and can achieve considerable heights of success.

Congratulations on completing Grade 9! I wish you a breathtaking experience today. Fun, together, solemn and beautiful to say goodbye to school. Let the best moments of the school years be remembered for life. And further steps in adulthood will be confident and loyal. Good luck and great success!

Separator words for graduates of 11 grades from the class teacher and teachers

Saying goodbye to school after grade 11 shouldn't be sad and sad. To congratulate the guys with the end of studies and the beginning of a new unusual life in beautiful private words, all teachers, class managers. In their assignments, they may give good advice to the graduates or simply wish them all the brightest and kind.

Graduates, dear children, today it was that special and exciting moment of leaving school and entering adulthood! Don't let the storm of life scare you, just the determination and resistance! Let it be historical, in the years in school life experience guides your fate and knowledge supports your success! Always let your heart be open to love and friendship! Congratulations!

Today, children, already graduates, and I sincerely congratulate you. I want to wish you successful commitments in life that would surely end in victory. Let each of you all go out however you like. Be healthy, beautiful, optimistic, successful, loved, rich, and happy. I wish the goals and patience.

Dear graduates, congratulate you with this important event, 11 classes behind you, behind your shoulders, there are fun changes and interesting activities. Let a new path to victories and great discovery open for you, let the knowledge you receive and the skills acquired can fully reveal you the full instruction of your talents and find our place in this life.

Congratulations on graduation! So there were 11 year old schools behind the shoulders. Now you will find another life where there is a place for independent choice, appropriate action, and confident pursuit. I want to keep coming up to the next success and success. I wish you would never regret the choice and keep going further into the cherished dream.

Dear 11 graders! Lately you have crossed that shy little first grader you are crossing the threshold of school for the first time, which has translated you into a fairy tale called "Studying" for 11 years, you plunged into a sea of ​​unforgettable and bright school moments. In every fairy tale there is "happy and" which each of you will come with yourself. Power, inspiration and perseverance, the most important satellites release new knowledge, goals and vital tasks. To the festival!

Touching participating Word graduates from parents - 9th and 11th grade students

All parents want their children only for the best. To challenge them in choosing the right life path and the wise directions to help guide support. Finding part-ile words for graduates with parents help us give examples of texts.

Touching separator words from the graduates of parents 9 and 11 grade

In the examples of texts below, parents of 9th and 11th grade graduates can find excellent last call options. Optionally, they can be supplemented with their heirs or rewritten as a basis.

Congratulations to our graduates with the end of the 9th grade! We wish that you really want to spend a wonderful day. You are entering a new phase of life and let it be the most magical and fruitful. Beautiful companies that can be seen in bright events, new knowledge and strong will. Let you keep you posted on the way to the goals on the way to the goals and don't dare your mood. Great success in self-travel to the charming labyrinths of life.

So 9 long years have passed in which the teachers invested you in the soul and knowledge, raised and protected how birds protect their swift chicks. So today, as young feathers learn to fly, let them take your first independent steps and make a choice: study in your home school or step into an adult world. Let one of your decisions be correct and bring a well-deserved success.

It only appears yesterday September 1st and the first call in your life! 9 years old flew unnoticed, all exams behind and today we celebrate your long-awaited graduation! There is a difficult choice ahead of you, learn to continue learning or to build a career with you, but regardless of your choice, I want to wish you every success in all efforts, happiness, courage, determination and sincere action!

Today is the end! Another school year is over and we say goodbye to our 11 graders. We wish you will not make a mistake in choosing a life path. Become the best in your field. Find your favorite experience, get lucky, visit interesting places and get the title of our school's graduate sufficient!

Dear graduates! I wish you always choose the path of good, the main thing is that you always have wonderful friends, and your profession that you choose will bring daily satisfaction and good prosperity to your favorite family.

Video samples to touch price words from Grad 9 & 11 parents

We'll help our reader prepare beautiful private words for their children by graduation 9 and 11 and the video examples below. They will tell you how to better speak in front of the guys and what texts are good for good faces.

Intelligently divisible Word elementary school graduates from first teacher - students of 4 grades

Saying goodbye to elementary school is an important step for every student. Help the boys deal with the excitement of supporting their first teacher. He must surely read Congratulations and Wishes to Her on the Last Call Celebration. Get a beautiful parting word from the first graduate teacher in the examples below.

Examples of smart, smart words from first grade teacher graduates from 4 grades of elementary school

Among our selected examples you will find many good separating words for the graduates of 4 classes. Good and touching texts help them easily cope with excitement and adjust to a new rhythm of study and gain useful knowledge.

Nice kids, expensive 4th grade graduates, you are very well done! She managed to overcome the first significant barrier on the way to education. I want to wish you everything to get into 5th grade confident and ready for great new discoveries guys. Let loving parents and the understanding of the teacher will help to cope with all obstacles on the road of school life.

Dear children, today you are graduates. And leave the 11th grade still a long way off, but you can already successfully overcome the first an important stage study. Before fifth grade, which means waiting for lots of new articles, interesting lessons, exciting activities, and fun, sounding changes. I want to remain a friendly class to help one another overcome problems and certainly achieve great success in school.

The elementary school was left behind and in front of you is waiting for the second, no less important stage of school life - grade 5! Four years flew in a moment, but everything interesting just knocks on your doors! Today, in your first serious graduation, I want to wish you more care, beauty, excellent brands and loyal school friends!

Sweet kids, today your prom-4. Class, you are leaving the primary school walls and looking for new knowledge and discoveries in the older link. Let your path be easy and simple, let the new objects cause you undoubted interest, let the school be not only a place for obtaining knowledge and education, but also the center of joyful leisure and exciting pastimes.

Dear children, past the first phase of secondary education, you are already graduates of elementary school, what is sincere and congratulations! Now waiting for new articles, teachers, you have to work more, try. We want to join forces, relax, and then move forward - "nail the granite of science"! We believe in each of you, you will definitely work out!

Good parting word from parents and educators for graduation from kindergarten - examples of texts

Before every GARDE graduate, new horizons and opportunities open up. But for many of them, the transition to school is both exciting and terrifying. The support of young graduates of kindergarten helps the wise and kind relational word of parents, educators.

Examples of good partnerships for child graduates from kindergarten from parents

Every parent wishes their baby the best. Help the children cope with the excitement before going to school, help the gardening graduates. Lovely part time word of parents uttered while celebrating the last call.

Today is the vacation - conclusion! And our children wish you a great and bright life. Let the coming school years bring you a lot of knowledge, skills and abilities. Let joy always be with you, along with good luck, sincerity and success. Good mood, courage and victories!

Today is a vacation in our kindergarten - graduation! And you, the street, children, from the whole soul, want a wonderful mood, enthusiasm, desire to learn and learn to develop and achieve their first victories. Be diligent, attentive, and hardworking. Light your future!

Our dear children, today you leave the walls of a kindergarten where you learned to be friends and to hide our first victories. We wish you successful learning at school, good health, a lot of joy, true loyal friendship and success in work, sport and work.

Kindergarten accompanied

Now all of you, children.

Advance - study, school.

Fortune for all of you, fortresses.

Let a happy childhood be happy

And academic time.

We wish today

Peace, light and good.

Just learn on the five

Be loyal friends

Remember kindergarten nice,

The years they lived with us.

Today you are a graduate

It's time to say goodbye to you with a kindergarten

And on this vacation graduation

We are what can I tell you guys:

You are expecting school very soon

Lessons a lot and tasks

Try to be the best

And get a sea of ​​knowledge

Just learn well

Don't forget to be careful

Find friends

Always glad that you are!

Good dividing words used by educators, graduates of kindergarten

Gardens graduates expect support and help not only from parents, but also from good carers. Congratulate guys on transitioning to school and the ability to make many new friends, should and must have loving teachers. Pick-up for small graduates. Nice facilities, they can belong between the examples we have selected.

For sale, kids, what can you say?

I am very sorry to attend with you.

Days, however, poultry fly

It's time to say goodbye to the garden

Let the school let you go

Adults now you are people

Maybe you remember us about us

Well we just don't forget you!

Say goodbye today

With you kindergarten

Our children are chicks

The new world flies.

Wings, we are yours

We wish us


The nest was.

Waiting for you a school -

New nest

We want to study

Children you are lucky

Sun in the sky pure

Hear the rays

Good flight

We wish you.

You are awarded with a kindergarten,

Awaiting you at school, first class,

You wish you guys

Happiness and strength,

I look forward to learning

Listen to the teachers

behave yourself

Just get brave!

You finished kindergarten

And go to school soon!

I hope the school is all happy

Make it wait for you to move on!

Grow strong, tall,

Always climb ahead!

Be funny, funny,

Many happy years await you!

I wish you love, dream,

Life was beautiful summer like that!

I will miss you so much

After all, you gave so much light!

Elegant boys, girls, like princesses

And the day today is bright and joyful like that

We are looking at you today with great interest,

And celebrate your first graduation throughout kindergarten!

We are very used to you, girls and boys,

Happy, fun, native differences,

However, the notebooks are bought and the books are waiting for you,

Finally after summer to school to go to everyone.

Special Headmaster's Word Graduates on Last Call - Examples of Texts

The last call's vacation at school is not without wise graduates of the principal. Create beautiful texts with congratulations, wishes of lessons for former students 9 and 11 grades The head of the school can use our examples.

Examples of the separator words for the last call to school from high school graduates

For readers we have picked the most best examples of official congratulations. and accommodation for school principals. Ready-made tests can be used to speak or write new congratulations.

Congratulations to you, our lovely and wonderful graduates. Today a farewell student is born in your honor, and tomorrow you wake up with thoughts of where to go next, to become whoever is to decide for yourself. We wish you, dear children, never to lose faith in yourself to go to the call of your heart and follow your dream. Let the wind of good luck and the bright well-being of well-being accompany you in the world of adult life.

Our wonderful and dear disciples, today it is time to say "goodbye" to school, it is "goodbye" and not "goodbye". We do hope that you will come often to visit us and remember our happy classes, wonderful adventures and funny stories. Let the further path do a bright happiness, great success and great victories, let everything work, we wish you that you do not lose faith in yourself and your dreams.

The day of parting, but boys know: teachers never forget their disciples. Years are held and you can always return to your home school as your home. Make your destiny work the best way And everyone gets what he is persistent, work and talent. Forward guys, you will find a grown up world!

Dear graduates, excited and happy parents, grandparents with tears in their eyes! I warmly congratulated your children on the release from school and wish them a bright path to a happy future, unparalleled success in school, and then a quick career in work! Creative joys and recognition of their numerous talents! Remember that the most important thing about achieving a goal is working, since the sessions do not give up on their own, but all possible knowledge must be mastered without regretting the time and strength! And I wish my parents to recognize their children as adults and not to prevent them from choosing their path! Let there be well-being in your families, joy and mutual understanding!

Dear disciples, today, today is your important vacation. We wish you, walk through the life path, remember, love, love and warm school years. Let your chosen occupation, specialty, or occupation mean that you are considered respected and decent professionals of your beloved company. Good luck, success, great opportunities, perfection and luck!

The Best Separation Words Graduates From Parents For Last Call - Examples

Celebrate the last call with an unusual and memorable one, you can't just arrange the original event. It can be done well and amazingly to have prepared greetings for all guys. Certain graduates help with these parents. Examples of touching partnership words for the last call.

Examples of the best partnerships go to the last call for graduates from parents

Support your favorite children in new endeavors and wish them all a colorful and kindest future, the parents of graduates will help examples of real words. With these texts they can perform at the beginning or end before the boys official holiday last call.

Our dear children, today you are walking on an independent path to adulthood, swimming freely in the vastness of new interests and desires. We, your parents, always support and always support you, help to help the good advice and to be proud of your achievements. We wish you in your degree, our favorite, impeccable happiness, high aspirations, bright light of good and good luck on the path of life.

Our favorite children, our hopes and our pride in our hearts, congratulate you on the end. Every parent wants only what is best for their child. Let your dreams be carried out, let the path to goals and success be thorny, each of you manage to become a distinguished person in life with the authority among friends and high status among competitors.

Our dear children congratulate you on the graduation. We wish that the first step in adulthood was successful and successful. Let everything be folded. Be healthy, children, happy and loved. We wish you devotion and well-being. And we always help you to implement your wishes and goals.