What is your favorite dystopian world

Dystopian series keep climbing the charts of the best series worldwide. And the literary genre has long been concerned with the 'Fascination Apocalypse'. There is now a veritable flood of literature for the perfect doomsday mood and the events 'After'. We have for you the best dystopian books selected, where you can fight the apocalypse completely relaxed in your armchair.

Dystopian books - this is what awaits you in this article:

What exactly is a dystopia?

You are probably wondering what a dystopia or dystopian books are all about. The term comes from the Greek and is a combination of the prefix dys- (δυς), which means 'miss-', 'un-', or 'evil-', and the noun tópos (τόπος) = 'place'.

According to these standards, a dystopia is a 'Bad place' and describes a vision of the future that, in contrast to utopia, looks dark and gloomy and usually does not have a happy ending.

Dystopian books: totalitarian societies and strict rules

The structure of dystopian books is usually always the same: a devastating event forced the city or the country to re-model society. Totalitarian state systems, manipulation of the inhabitants: inside or oppression are the order of the day here. Just like the hero or heroine who wants to get everything back on track.

However, dystopian books also continued to develop: Where the world's primary fear of nuclear wars, ozone extinguishers or communism used to be, now rapid technical progress or climate change are fueling the fantasies of authors and people.

Dystopian Books: Our Top 7

You love the success series Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins? Then we have exactly the right books for you that will take you into a dystopian world and with them strong protagonist: fighting for a better society inside!

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