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Generate leads: 7 steps

"How can you generate leads?" ... we are often asked.

Leads are a key element in marketing. Should you buy leads? Is there free lead generation? How do you turn visitors into leads? How do you turn leads into customers?

One participant writes:

Hello again! In the last three weeks we opened the funnel for the target group mothers and during this time 1,622 leads for 34 cents per lead reached. The first talks are now also very busy!

34 cents per lead are very low costs! It is important that you continue with it afterwards - otherwise you will miss a lot. That's the core of your marketing.

We'll show you how our participants can gain over 500 leads per month for free or cheaply. And tell us that it makes them much more relaxed.

Example - leads generated per day through a funnel:

Practice-Tips from our experience:

Turn 3% of visitors into leads

You should generate over 30 leads from 1,000 website visitors.

Your goal should be a website conversion rate to leads of 3% or more. More on this in the article Does your website work well enough?

We explain how you do it here. We show you 7 stepsthat make your lead acquisition more successful. At this point we are primarily talking about “organic”, free-of-charge leads. So not through leads bought on lead platforms. It is often not completely free - at least some work and optimization is involved in each case.

If you want to develop your own lead generation, we will help you. Talk to us to get there faster.

Good to know:

Leads + funnel = results

The most important thing is what you do with the leads. How you cultivate the relationship so that someone turns from a lead to a customer.

We'll go into that below. (Want to jump right there?)

What is a lead?

A “lead” is the contact with a potential customer. As soon as an interested person shares their email address or other contact information with you, they become a "lead".

There are more valuable and less valuable leads.

The more interest someone shows, the higher it will be "Lead Score" (a score that calculates the value of a lead). This is done, for example, by the person clicking a link in your newsletter or booking an initial meeting.

(You can read more about it here.)

How can you get leads?

There are a number of ways you can get leads.

We focus on generating leads on the internet. It is important to us that you build a system that regularly wins you new leads without your time expenditure increasing immeasurably.

Generate leads through a website

A good website does not primarily present your company, but focuses on what customers are looking for in you and what specific solutions you can offer them.

This includes, for example, a "Read Magnet": A freely available article (sometimes video) intended to attract an audience - hence “magnet”. It is based on common questions and searches about your service (SEO!). So again on how you can make your specific know-how available to customers.

Example for coaches: "5 tips on how to learn to deal with criticism"

This is followed by a "Call to Action", a Call to action: This is used to get the person's email address. But for that you have to offer her something. A "lead magnet".

The easiest way is, for example, a PDF for free download in which you give additional tips, or a checklist.

But there are many other possible “lead magnets”, often called “freebies” - you will learn more about this in this article and here you will find 37 ideas for lead magnets and our collection of lead magnet examples.

A functional website also needs the Facebook pixel. This is a piece of code that allows you to target visitors to your website (and similar people) later on Facebook (“retargeting”).

Use Facebook for lead generation

The one I mentioned earlier Facebook pixel is worth gold. This allows you to target the visitors of your website again in a very targeted manner.

And about the function "Lookalike Audience" you reach people who are similar to your existing customers, website visitors or leads. In this way you increase your range massively and in a targeted manner.

For example, you can advertise your “Read Magnet” on Facebook and get people to your website with a link to download it for free (“Lead Magnet”, “Freebie”).

(More on how companies could and should use Facebook.)

Social media and offline

YouTube videos orFacebook posts can generate leads when associated with a call to action.

As a rule, the first thing to do here is to find one real added value to create, to show competence and then to request the e-mail address for further, useful content.

Often willoffline Generates leads: For example, with a trade fair stand where people give their addresses in connection with a competition.

Leads obtained offline can - if the consent of the users has been picked up - be "processed" with your funnel so that they can see your competence, gain trust in you and get to know your offers.

What about bought leads?

There are providers who sell “finished leads”.

Often there are also big promises.

Recently, a customer who bought leads for an insurance company said to me: “We tried that, we were promised good lead quality. In practice it turned out: practically all of them are unusable. No more interest, no appointments, nothing. Not worth it. "

Why am I not surprised?

For example, there are offer portals like Gryps in Switzerland. This is a viable way of getting some jobs. However, there are a few points to consider.

  1. You buy a product (lead), someone else operates the machine (lead generator).
  2. The "leads" still have zero relation to you or your skills.
  3. You come very late in the “customer's journey”, namely just before they want to buy.

As I said: quite feasible, but only temporarily.

You cannot create trust without your own system.

It is better to build your own lead acquisition system (funnel) that familiarizes potential customers with you and your competence earlier in their evaluation process.

It is like this: Whoever earns trust first wins.

Attention data protection!

You are not allowed to collect and write to any number of email addresses.

Your leads have to give their explicit permission to do this. You can do this, for example, via "double opt in", that is, by confirming your email address again after you have subscribed to your newsletter.

In Switzerland, the Data Protection Act (DSG) is even more relaxed, but in the EU the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applies, which must be observed.

Leads have to be accompanied: your funnel

Now you have leads. But what do you do with it then?

Leads are worthless if you don't use them cleverly.

As with any relationship, you need to nurture and handle your relationship with prospects carefully to keep it going.

In the harmless case, your sales funnel is so ineffective that your leads simply fizzle out. But much worse: With a bad strategy, you can annoy potential customers and damage your image.

The solution: Your marketing activities must be integrated into a sales funnel from A to Z. Your "red thread".

What is a funnel?

A funnel is the bridge from you to the customer. From the first contact to the purchase of your service, you have an overview of the path someone is taking in the purchasing process.

Leads are a milestone in the funnel - but you need to know exactly what to do with them afterwards!

Email automation: warming leads

You can continue working with your leads directly by setting up email automation. We use the software for this Drip, but there are also various other good tools.

The Manage leads.

For example, you can use tags to see how (e.g. which article) someone shared their contact details with you, and you can send further offers and information.

You can plan campaigns (e.g. further emails after 1, 3 and 7 days). And you see that Lead score one person. This is an automatically calculated number of points that tells you how far this person has already gone on your bridge. Those who have a high lead score are more likely to become a customer of yours soon.

Every funnel is different

Depending on the industry, offline contacts also belong in a funnel - for example a non-binding consultation or a visit to your store. And especially in the case of cost-intensive offers, a potential customer ultimately wants to be looked after individually and personally.

Conclusion: 7 tips for better lead generation

What does that mean for your situation?

You have an offer that there is a need for. On the other hand are your "ideal customers" who need your offer. Your lead generation and your funnel are the binding pieces. The bridge that makes everything.

How do you proceed now?

We recommend the following steps for more leads:

  1. Define yours ideal customers - what is his need?
  2. Define your Main offer for this ideal customer
  3. Create a content that is attractive in terms of content "Lead Magnet" (37 ideas)
  4. Create a Email automation for new leads (e.g. 5 useful emails)
  5. Create an interesting one "Read Magnet" (freely available, shareable article)
  6. Link the read magnet with the lead magnet
  7. Apply for your "Read Magnet" to your target group

Testing and optimization are part of every step. It therefore makes sense to benefit from experience, tips and feedback. Also read: 9 tips for your conversion rate optimization.

We support you as a coach, expert or service provider in continuously winning new customers with your online marketing system. So that you can do more.

Example from a customer:

She wins over 240 new leads every month and her training courses have been fully booked with waiting lists for months. That makes a difference!

Support in building your funnel

In our "Funnel boot camp“We accompany you from A to Z when creating a funnel for your company. The Bootcamp is an online program with small group exchanges. It takes 8 weeks, by the end of which you will have a working funnel created.

Get more information here.

We are guaranteed to bring you further.

Power for your lead generation:

Click on the picture to see our worksheet with a checklist for planning of your lead magnets to download:

Which Tools we use for our funnel, we pass it on here.

We have a Checklist with the help of which you can design your funnel. Get it here.

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