What is World Tortoise Day

World turtle day

World Turtle Day on May 23rd is a day of action with a serious background that has been celebrated since 2000.

Turtles already lived on earth 225 million years ago. Thanks to their adaptability, they survived to this day.1 A supposed success story that now seems to be coming to a sad end. The human influence on their habitat means that turtles are acutely endangered. Some species are already extinct.


Animal lovers celebrate World Turtle Day on May 23. World Turtle Day). The initiator was American Tortoise Rescue2 and the Humane Society of the United States proclaimed the day in 2000 to draw attention to the needs and threats of turtles. 3

The aim of the day of action is to draw attention to conservation projects and animal welfare. The focus is on environmental protection and the protection of the land and turtle habitat.4

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Even though turtles can get very old, they are threatened - many species are already extinct. It is not other animals that endanger their continued existence, but humans. With Actions and events5,6, but also through the media reporting should be reminded of the responsibility of each individual.

Turtles are hunted in some countries because their meat is considered to be delicacy applies. But also turtle eggs, which are buried on the beach to hatch, are sold for expensive money and offered as a specialty.7 As if that weren't enough threats, there are also fishing nets, marine pollution and climate change (such as on the Great Barrier Reef). 8,9

Habitat in Austria

The Viennese Lobau, for example, is home to wild turtles. Favorable environmental conditions offer the European pond turtle an ideal habitat there.7

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