Why Trump can't stop tweeting

Twitter bans US presidents: "Donald Trump's hatred becomes uncontrollable"

Eviction prevents radicalization

How do you deal with someone who repeatedly misbehaves? You throw him out. As simple as that.

This is called deplatforming in the case of social media. And it works. This is shown not only by a recently published study on dealing with right-wing extremist networks, but also by experience in real life. As soon as the screamers and troublemakers are removed from the classrooms, plenary halls and online commentary columns, the debate not only becomes much more factual - it becomes possible again in the first place.

Trump's Twitter ban was necessary and long overdue. Of course, he and his followers will not stop moaning. Should they calm down, but please no longer in virtual rooms in which people want to have a civilized conversation.

The internet is big and offers space for any opinion, no matter how out of the box. And yes, that too is cause for concern. The "Trumpists" can switch to other platforms and continue their conspiracies there. One should keep an eye on that. Dangerous things are often brewing in the unguarded fringes of the Internet. Chaos, the remote and the extreme rule there. This is not a world in which the conservative middle feels comfortable. Only those who are already radicalized go there.

This radicalization, in turn, can only be prevented in the mainstream. As soon as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube show clear boundaries, a domino effect sets in. Google, Apple, Twitch - all have drawn their conclusions from the events on Wednesday. It's about removing the breeding ground for hatred. But this also requires a strong civil society. Upright citizens who report violations to operators and authorities, expose perpetrators, support victims and make it clear to the agitators: You are not wanted here!

As for Trump, without the social media megaphone, his voice shrinks to what it always was - the desperate, insane, lonely screams of a minority. Hopefully nobody will have to listen to that any more soon.