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How to get out of his friend zone! 9 tips

The friendzone is often associated with men who are hopelessly in love with a good friend.

But of course it can also happen to women that they end up in the unpopular "friendship zone". In this article you will find 9 tips that will help you to leave the friend zone (or not to slip into it at all).

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1. DO NOT become his buddy

That is arguably the most important tip of all.

When you are like a buddy to him, he no longer necessarily sees you as the woman you are.

Now you're the best friend who watches a soccer game with him and who always has an open ear for his (love) problems. But that you could harbor feelings for him does not occur to him in the dream.

Nevertheless, you have feelings for him and that's why you now have to make him aware: You are not available to him 24/7 and you have your own life.

It is important that you remain calm, of course, but determined.

You shouldn't express your feelings for him so much. That way he would only notice your emotional dependency, which may make you look less attractive in his eyes.

2. Pay attention to your appearance around him

Which brings us to the next point.

Of course, you always pay attention to your visual appearance. Before you meet your dream man, however, you should apply a little more.

We're not just talking about make-up, but also about your hairstyle and your outfit. Likewise, you shouldn't be stingy with your charms so that he really notices how attractive you actually are.

Usually he will soon notice that you are doing all the work for him.

But of course you should always be yourself. Nothing is more attractive to a man than a woman who feels comfortable in her skin. A "mask" put on would only be a hindrance.

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3. Show an open interest in him

Perhaps up to now you have only ever done something with him in your circle of friends.

Now is the time to take the initiative. Trust yourself and ask him to meet. This shows him that you care about him.

On the other hand, if you have a long-standing, close friendship, you should probably skip this tip.

After all, you already meet regularly in pairs. The direct question about a date could in the worst case only help you to a basket, as he may find the friendship to be more important and will tell you that too.

4. Show interest in family

For many people, the family is the most important support in life.

You can quickly find out whether this is the case with him by asking small questions. If so, this tip might be the ideal solution to your "Friendzone" problem.

Show him that you care about his family. Ask him about his siblings, but especially about his mother.

Here you can start your first flirtation attempt and say with your sweetest smile how much you would like to have such a dear mother-in-law later. Of course, you shouldn't overdo it with this or similar saying.

It is important that you also tell about your family. This is the only way you can create a basis of trust for both of you.

5. Show interest in hobbies

Women who are interested in a man's hobbies appear much more attractive.

This is simply because similar interests connect and provide the perfect basis for a relationship.

Of course, you shouldn't just ask him about his interests. It is much more important that you find things that both of you are enthusiastic about.

Maybe you both have a soft spot for bouldering, are gifted amateur cooks or look at luxury properties where you want to live later.

Whatever it is ... Take advantage of the common ground and just ask him if you can also pursue your hobby together.

Not only do you show real interest, but you also have an excuse to spend even more time with him.

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You may not like all of his hobbies. That's not bad at all, after all, you are both individual personalities. Therefore do not force yourself, but focus on other of his interests.

6. Signal that you are ready for a relationship

Maybe you are not really in the friend zone ...

Maybe he just believes that after your last bad breakup, you're not ready for anything new. You should change that as soon as possible.

Signal him that you are very much ready for a new relationship. You can do that directly by mentioning (at the right moment, of course) how much you would like to have a man by your side again.

Now you can also observe his body language. She will tell you a lot about whether he is pleased with this statement, whether he is indifferent to it or whether he has perhaps even understood your hint.

8. Text him regularly and keep the conversation going

In the age of WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat, there is hardly anything easier than being in constant contact with one person. You should use that for yourself.

When you think of him, write to him. It is quite sufficient if you simply ask him how he is feeling or what he is doing.

It is important that you keep the conversation going afterwards. At some point you can ask him if he spontaneously feels like meeting you, going to the cinema or just having a bite to eat.

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It is important in this point that you don't let yourself be put off if he takes a little longer to answer. Answer him for it within a few minutes.

Then he will soon notice that you are waiting for his messages and that the conversation with him is important to you.

9. Touch him every now and then

Touch is the best way to escape from the friend zone.

Now of course you don't have to fall around his neck at every opportunity. Even small, tentative touches are sufficient. Even then he will perceive your touch and realize that you are looking for his closeness.

Conclusion: This is how you can get out of his friend zone

In many cases, men are not even aware that a friend is in love with them. Especially the tradition that the man has to take the first step often gets in the way of your happiness.

However, this traditional thinking shouldn't stop you. Show him that you want more from him than "just" friendship. Of course it can happen that he gives you a basket because he doesn't feel the way you do ...

However, you will be surprised how often men stand in their own way thinking that you are "just a good friend" who would never want anything from him.

Therefore, you should dare to take the first step, or to wave the fence post back and forth in front of his face until he finally understands that you have feelings for him.

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Even if things don't go well, you are far more likely to close out with him and find someone who will really make you happy. Even if it might cause heartache for a short time.

Trying to make more of you as friends is definitely worth it. Even if it takes courage!

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