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Do you have a legally compliant website?

by Jolene Hoeth

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Having your own homepage for your company is an important first step. But is your website legally secure? We'll show you what's important.

Why do you need a legally compliant website?

There is a huge amount of information and legal tips for your own website on the Internet. But why are the requirements for a company website so high?

  • GDPR - The General Data Protection Regulation applies to the entire European Union and regulates the processing of personal data. All websites must adhere to the GDPR.
  • privacy - The processing of personal data has not only been an issue since the GDPR. The protection of personal data plays an important role for more and more people in the digital age.
  • copyright - Images and other content are protected by copyright. You must purchase appropriate licenses and identify sources in order to use them on your website.
  • Punish - Anyone who does not sufficiently ensure the legal security of their own website can expect high penalties. For example, your company can face expensive fines.

Are you sure that your website meets all the requirements of the GDPR?

web4business does the check for you!

  • Current cookie banner
  • Legally secure data protection declaration
  • Own SSL certificate

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Are you sure that your website meets all the requirements of the GDPR?

web4business experiences and customer stories

The legal requirements for a website have increased steadily in recent years. Many companies are therefore unsure of what a legally compliant website should look like. Small businesses in particular often do not have the time and knowledge to legally secure their website.

web4business specializes in websites for small businesses and helps customers time and again to design their own website in a legally compliant manner. A master painter, for example, said that he had initially created his own website entirely on his own. An important step in the direction of digitization, but it didn't take long before the first copyright lawsuit fluttered into the house. He had used imagery without the necessary license. Then he decided to get professional support with the design of the homepage.

“It makes it easier for me that web4business takes care of such matters, because that is their main business, mine is another. To a certain extent you can take such things into your own hands, but then there comes a point where professionals are needed. The risk of losing more money because you do something wrong is simply too high these days. "

A small heating company also took the help of web4business to get access to industry-specific photos. So far, the owner had to purchase the rights for a fee or take photos himself. When creating a website, web4business customers have access to a practical database with content for the homepage. The company does not have to worry about compliance with the GDPR. Web4business websites comply with the latest standards.

Important foundations for a legally compliant website

Do you want to update your website and make sure that it complies with legal requirements? This is part of a legally compliant website:

  • Legally secure data protection declaration - Inform visitors to the website about how their data will be processed. This must be easily accessible on your homepage.
  • Cookie banner - A banner must inform users about the use of cookies when they visit your website for the first time. You must actively give your consent for further tracking.
  • SSL certificate - You need the SSL encryption method to transfer personal data from your customers' browsers to your own server.
  • Responsive website - Users must be able to see and use your data protection declaration and your cookie banner on smaller devices such as smartphones. For that you need a responsive website.

Jolene Hoeth is your contact for a successful website. Not only in the field of marketing, but also with legal questions, she is at the side of small businesses with words and deeds.