How effective are electronic insect repellants

The best mosquito plugs: With these products you protect yourself from annoying mosquitoes

Mosquitoes - the little insects can spoil any summer fun in no time at all. In addition to insect sprays, mosquito nets and the like, mosquito plugs offer an effective mosquito repellent for the interior. We'll show you some of the best products and give you tips on how to buy them.

Mosquito repellent with biocide vaporizers

In the case of a biocide vaporizer, a small plate with a biocide is inserted into the housing or liquid biocide is filled. You have to refill the substances regularly. As soon as the plug is plugged in, electricity flows, which vaporizes the biocide. It can then spread as an aerosol in the room and keep mosquitoes away.

Proven and good: Nexa Lotte 3-in-1 insect plug

The biocide vaporizer from Nexa Lotte works reliably, silently and odorless in rooms with an area of ​​up to 15 square meters. The device mainly fights flying insects, including mosquitoes, moths and flies. The vaporizer can work for 45 nights and then be refilled with refill bottles.

As with all mosquito plugs, handling is very easy. The only disadvantage: The device should only be used in the evening and at night when required and is not suitable for continuous operation. With this device you get an inexpensive and effective chemical mosquito repellent.

The classic: mosquito plugs from Aeroxon

The traditional Swabian company Aeroxon has been manufacturing pesticides for over 100 years and became world-famous for its flycatcher on a conveyor belt. The anti-mosquito plug protects against mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, flies and moths - for up to 60 days (with an average of eight hours per night).

Very practical: the device has an on / off switch and can also be used as a night light. The product is odorless and suitable for rooms of five to 15 square meters. Once the mosquito plug is empty, you can easily buy a refill bottle for the Aeroxon model.

Works with plates: electric mosquito plug Etisso Delicia

In this biocide vaporizer, a small plate is inserted that carries the active ingredient. As soon as the device is plugged into the socket, the insecticide takes effect. The plug is suitable for rooms with an area of ​​up to 20 square meters. One plate is enough for eight to ten hours.

The only disadvantage: you have to refill the platelets frequently with daily use. In return, you will receive two refills with plates included with the purchase: In total, you have mosquito repellent for 60 nights.

Mosquito repellent with ultrasound

Ultrasonic mosquito plugs work with ultrasound that is inaudible to humans. The frequency of the sound waves, on the other hand, disrupts the sensitive nervous system of mosquitoes such as the tiger mosquito or other insects, so that they move away from the room.

Completely without chemicals: Fenrir ultrasonic mosquito plug

This ultrasonic mosquito plug efficiently drives away mosquitoes and insects with a frequency of nine to 36 kilohertz. According to the manufacturer, the device should also work against spiders, ants and even rodents. The pest controller has three display colors: green light for mosquitoes and moths, blue light for cockroaches, ants and spiders, and red light for mice.

These mosquito plugs are designed for areas of up to 80 square meters. Also practical: with this set you get six ultrasonic mosquito plugs. So you can provide mosquito repellent throughout the house. A big advantage here: the mosquito plug works with ultrasound and is therefore safe, environmentally friendly and not harmful to people. Thanks to the noise reduction technology, the ultrasonic insect repellent protects you without affecting your sleep.

The powerful one with ultrasound: mosquito plugs from Aerb

These small and compact electrical mosquito plugs ensure safe mosquito protection indoors: The manufacturer recommends using one plug per room. For an effective mosquito repellent, the manufacturer also recommends placing the mosquito plug about 80 to 100 centimeters above the ground. Thanks to the high output of ten watts, even very large rooms can be effectively kept free from mosquitoes, other insects and pests.

Thanks to frequency conversion between 20 and 65 kilohertz, mosquitoes or other insects cannot get used to the ultrasonic waves. These ultrasonic mosquito plugs are also safe for humans.

Our conclusion

Active and effective mosquito repellants do not have to be expensive and do not necessarily contain chemicals. If you have no pets or children, you can use the tried and tested mosquito repellent with the Biocide vaporizer from Nexa Lotte to grab.

In contrast, ultrasonic devices have environmentally friendly and noiseless plugs that reliably drive away mosquitoes. Since they do not harm children or pets, we recommend them Ultrasonic mosquito plug from Fenrir to buy.

Common questions about mosquito plugs

When does a mosquito plug work?

Mosquito plugs with ultrasound work immediately after being plugged into the socket. If you use an insect repellent that vaporizes a biocide, you will have to wait briefly for the mosquito repellent to take effect in the room.

Which mosquito plug is suitable for the nursery?

Even if biocide vaporizers emit insecticides in a concentration that is not dangerous for the human body, these mosquito plugs should not be used in children's rooms. Chemical-free variants such as ultrasound devices or mosquito nets are better suited for the night.

What happens to the mosquitoes?

Mosquito plugs with ultrasound drive away mosquitoes and leave them alive. Vaporizer plugs work with insecticides that kill the mosquitoes in the room.

How toxic are mosquito plugs?

Biocide vaporizers emit an insecticide that is distributed in very fine particles in the room. Even if the chemical substances in this concentration are usually not supposed to be hazardous to health, a little caution is required. For example, vaporizers should not be installed near the head while sleeping or run continuously. You should also ventilate the rooms well. Caution is also advised with small children, who could remove the plug and drink the liquid, and with pets.

Ultrasonic mosquito plugs are completely non-toxic as they work without chemicals. The sound waves emitted also have such a high frequency that they cannot be heard by the human ear.

Are mosquito plugs dangerous for pets?

If you keep pets, they can be disturbed by ultrasonic plugs. Cats, dogs or rodents have a much more sensitive hearing than humans. You should also be careful when using biocide vaporizers if you have pets and make sure that the insecticides do not get near your four-legged friends.

What does "Öko-Test" say about mosquito plugs?

In July 2019 the magazine "Öko-Test" tested mosquito plugs, electric vaporizers, UV light mosquito killers and electric flying insect repellers. The testers are rather critical of the effect and tolerability and recommend protection against biting insects with mosquito nets or fly screens.

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