What is a triple threat in basketball

Shoot a basketball properly: 5 steps 2021

In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to get into the triple threat position and how to shoot a basketball properly from that position.


Step 1: catch a pass

- Always face the person who is giving you the passport

- Put your hands up as a target for the passerby

-Make sure you are balanced (feet shoulder width apart) to ensure that you do not travel after receiving the pass

Step 2: footwork

The workload for catching a pass and shooting is the same.

-Sequence of the left foot, right foot


-Right foot, left foot.

It depends on what is most comfortable for the shooter. You must have your first foot of the sequence planted by the time you catch the ball or it will be a journey.

Step 3: after the catch

After catching the ball and completing the sequence of steps without moving, you are almost in the triple threat position.

Triple threat: the ability to either shoot, overtake, or drive

To summarize it:

- Feet shoulder width apart

-Footwork is complete


-Hold the ball so one hand is down and the other side

-Keep it near your waist to keep it "safe" and to prevent someone from stealing it.

Step 4: jump shot


-triple threat positioning

- Feet shoulder width apart

-Ball held at the hip

- Follow footwork completed






Follow through

Step 5: balance

- Feet shoulder width apart

-Square on (face) desired target

Step 6: eyes

Some coaches suggest keeping your eyes on the back of the rim, others on the front of the rim, and still others on the square on the back wall behind the rim.

It all comes down to what works for you and what you need to focus on in order to sink the shot and maintain correct shape.

Step 7: elbows

-90 degree angles or a little less

- You can balance the ball on your most dominant hand

Step 8: follow through

-Place a non-dominant hand on the side of the ball for support

-Bend your knees for power

- Snap your wrist and pretend you're reaching into a cookie jar on the top shelf of your kitchen

-When the shot is complete, your arm should be fully extended up and your wrist bent fully forward

Step 9: final product: video tutorial