What are the characteristics of online marketplaces

Selling in the online marketplace: strategies and alternatives at a glance

Which online shops can still exist parallel to the online marketplace?

The emergence of online marketplaces is a threat for many, but by no means for all online shops. It is particularly difficult for online shops whose goods and products offer only a few unique selling points and few unique values. Poor service and poor product quality also pose a threat to the continued existence of an online shop.

The new e-commerce landscape only offers space for four types of online shops:

1. Online marketplaces

Companies that offer products from other retailers with a margin. These companies win new customers with attractive prices and retain them with a wide range of products and fast service. We are increasingly seeing smaller online marketplaces that offer used or unique products for a specific target group. Creating an online marketplace may sound interesting, but it is very difficult to implement successfully.


  • Unitedwardrobe.com - you can find second hand clothing here.
  • The American online shopEtsy - home-made products are bought and sold through it.
  • Dress-for-less.de - here clothing stores offer old stocks and discounted items.
  • My-hammer.de orBlauarbeit.de - these can be used to find craftsmen from the region.

2. Specialized online shops

Specialized shops concentrate on a niche and on offering a particular product group or serving a single target group. These online shops convince their customers with their well-founded specialist knowledge and high-quality products. These are often products from the hobby or leisure sector, where quality and service are more important than price.


3. Unique products or brands

Online shops that are entirely geared towards a specific product or brand. These online shops often sell high quality products at premium prices. Because of the unique product value or unique selling proposition, consumers are willing to pay more for them as well.


  • Thefrankjuice.com - a German online shop that sells cold-pressed juices in so-called “cleanse” packages that consumers can use to cleanse their bodies of harmful substances.
  • Nuud - an online shop in which only a The only product offered is a small tube of deodorant without harmful substances.

4. An online shop as an extension

These are companies that mainly sell through other retailers and online marketplaces and also operate their own online shop. The focus of these companies is on quantity: they want to sell as many products as possible. Having your own sales channel has the advantage that a better margin per article can be achieved.


  • I-CLIP wallet - a popular minimalist wallet that is sold in many stores and online shops as well as in the company's own I-CLIP online shop.