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New video series "Craftsmen with passion" | These tools
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Hammering, sawing, drilling - if you want to skilfully realize projects, you have to know how to get started. Our professionals explain which tools you absolutely need as basic equipment and why a tool wall is so practical.

Hammer, pump pliers, combination pliers do you need it, and what do you actually do with it?

The “craftsmen with passion”, Bernd Wende and his son Rene, literally show us in the video where the hammer hangs - as the prelude to the five-part series, from today every day until Friday!

Tip from the experts: The best tool is of no use if you cannot find it in a hopelessly scruffy workplace. The remedy is found in the garage or hobby room Tool wall. Here you can attach everything neatly and clearly. And if you build them yourself and also use mum's preserving jars for them, you can design them individually and inexpensively.

How to nail properly, how to use the drill skilfully and how not to despair on tiles, will be explained by the professionals in the coming episodes. But if you want to get started today, here are seven practical tips and tricks that will make crafting easier and prevent beginners' mistakes:

Cordless screwdriver in the test

Sure, you can do everything by hand - but when dozens of screws have to be screwed in, it gets on your wrists and messes up the schedule. A cordless screwdriver can help here, but only if it is a quality product. TÜV Rheinland has tested various models for between 20 and 90 euros, only two devices are recommended.

These devices are recommended

Note the noise level

Home improvement makes noise. Anyone who does not show consideration for their neighbors quickly gets into trouble.

Ulrich Ropertz from the German Tenants' Association: "All activities that disturb the night's sleep are prohibited between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. During this time, noises may only be at room volume and not be audible outside the apartment. There are no special regulations for lunchtime from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Anyone who wants to prevent a quarrel with their neighbors should, however, comply with them voluntarily. "

Hire professional craftsmen

“It is the man himself!”, But you also have to know your limits. If larger or more complicated work is pending, a specialist in overalls may be needed. But how do you find a good craftsman?

"The most important thing is that the company is registered in the trade register," says Wolfgang Rink from the Berlin Chamber of Crafts. The somewhat old-fashioned term craft roll means nothing more than a register of craft businesses such as plumbers, bricklayers or painters.

This handicrafts register is available from the respective regional handicrafts chamber - the Central Association of German Handicrafts gives an overview. You can either seek advice over the phone from the regional chamber or use the wide range of internet offers.

Most chambers of crafts have online search engines that display the companies listed in the vicinity of the searcher. Important: pay attention to short arrival and departure routes in order to avoid additional costs!

The craft guilds are also a good point of contact for qualified specialists. Craftsmen from a specific occupation and region have come together in the guilds. You can find the respective guild in your area at www.handwerker-net.de

Wolfgang Rink's tip for all clients: "Always make a contract with the tradesman, where you specify precisely which services are to be provided. Most problems arise from imprecise customer requests. "

But even when professionals are at work, mistakes can happen and emergency services often charge exorbitant prices. Here's what you can do about it: