What are League of Legends Tips

5 tips for League of Legends: How to make a strong early game

As MOBA, LoL is one of the most famous and popular esports games. Millions of players gamble it regularly and try to rise in the ranking system. A difficult matter, because League of Legends is notorious for several things: On the one hand, the game has a demanding learning curve, on the other hand, mechanics are difficult to master - both in its gameplay and in the more than hundred playable champions.

But so that the current season is successful from the start and no one has to perish in the abysses of the Bronze League without hope, we have collected five elementary tips for a good early game, so that you can get started and hopefully the rest of the game as well .

Set up and observe wards!

"What is going on in the bush? Oh, it doesn't matter, nobody will ..." Such a thought has brought one or the other unnecessary death to many a good LoL player. Because in every bush there is a potential enemy waiting for the unwary. That is why the Warden in-game is very important. The wards not only provide security, but also help the whole team to have a better overview of the map.

Ward guide for beginners

1.Every gamer should warden. The supporter should also equip himself with ward items to help his ADC - and later also the rest of the team.
2.The wards should be placed sensibly. The bot lane should be pushed? Well, then please Warden there so that no enemy jungler can attack from ambush.
3.Is there a "Fog of War"? Then become particularly intense.
4.Always discuss with the team who is responsible for wards and where. So everyone is reminded of Warden.
5.Inform the team of enemies revealed by Wards and their movement.

Check the map

The small map that can be found in the lower right corner of the game helps in early and late game. But especially when wards are and have been set. Players in higher League of Legends Elo levels use them all the time, because they show where the opponents are, which teammate may be in danger and much more. So always keep an eye on it, then there will be fewer unpleasant surprises.

Customize character build

Not all champions are the same. Each hero in League of Legends has a specific role and special skills. However, these can be expanded further with items and runes. Always choosing the same build is not advisable, because whether I build my support as a full tank or a full mana item can be decisive for the game. And that is usually weighed up in the game itself. How is the opposing team set up, does your character need armor himself or should he cause more damage? All questions that can be answered with a little experience. But if you don't have one, you don't have to worry. There are many build guidelines on the internet that you can adhere to. In addition, the game itself provides a build option in-game that makes sense.

For example, Leona lists the recommended build option for each phase of the game. But there are also some alternatives if the enemy plays particularly heavily on magic or damage. These suggestions are useful to get started. Professionals should decide for themselves later and be able to choose their items individually.


A strong, silent teammate may sound great, but it is terrible for his teammates. Because they don't know what he's planning, where he's going, whether he sees an enemy going to another lane, etc. And that can then be dangerous for everyone. Therefore: talk to each other! All for one, one for all!

Not to be toxic

Unsportsmanlike conduct has no place in any game or sport. That is why insults are neither helpful nor appropriate. Not to mention the fact that Riot can ban a player for something like that. Somebody makes a mistake? Can happen. Then the best thing to do is to give tips so that it doesn't happen again instead of cursing.

Anyone who is insulted should report the respective player after the game so that Riot Games can investigate the problem. Many players have been banned for their constant vulgar, abusive or unhelpful communication.

So, off to the Summoner's Rift! But just watch out for the ultis of the opponents (https://www.earlygame.com/de/die-st%C3%A4rksten-ultis-in-league-of-legends/) and never disdain the support, then they will Enemy base soon stormed.

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