Why was I hurt by my husband

How do insults arise and how do you feel insulted less often?

on the strength of our self-esteem
The lower our self-esteem, the faster we feel hurt, offended and devalued by criticism, disregard and rejection by others. If our self-esteem is low, then we see criticism, devaluation or rejection where there is none.

The criticism of the others struck me so deeply because it corresponded to my own doubts.

Max Schmeling

of our physical and mental condition
The more we are physically weakened or emotionally battered, the less we have z. B. to counter the negative comments of others.

of the place and time of the event
Usually the presence of other people who are important to us increases the extent of our offense.

from our experiences in similar situations
If we already have sore points, then we are at risk of seeing comments on this point as particularly hurtful.

of our gender
Women tend to feel hurt more quickly than men.

of the reasons we suspect behind the behavior of the other person
If we suspect a targeted attack on our dignity, then we feel more hurt than if we are convinced that the other knows or couldn't do it better.

of our expectations of the other
The higher our expectations of others, the more we give them the chance to hurt us by not meeting our expectations.