Which leads to the fact that the legs are extremely hairy

Sex: Men find body hair disgusting when they have sex with women

No matter if single or happily forgiven: Sex is one of the most beautiful things in the world. In order for it to be nice in bed for both parties, it is important that all external circumstances are right. By this we mean not only a romantic atmosphere with candles, stylish music or a good meal, but also our counterpart themselves. Sure, we find our partner or our date attractive, otherwise we would not have entered into a relationship or would not have a meeting arranged to meet. Appearance alone is not enough, however. Personal hygiene also plays an extremely important role in making love. If we are bothered by the smell or the body hair of our loved one, it is difficult for us to concentrate on the lovemaking or we do not even want to start it. Men in particular are extremely annoyed when women forget to shave our armpit hair. We'll tell you here why this is such a problem for men. 👆🏼

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This is one thing that men find gross in sex with us women

If we girls are about to have a hot night of love, we usually rely on a particularly extensive beauty program. We go to manicures and pedicures, put on masks to make blemishes and pimples disappear and remove all types of body hair. No problem if we can prepare for a date. But what if we unexpectedly end up in bed with the other person? Even in a relationship, it is rather unrealistic to do the entire procedure every day.It can happen that the armpits are not shaved properly or that a few stubble have strayed on our legs. But that's exactly what men obviously find totally gross in sex. This is simply because the stronger sex does not associate body hair with femininity. They just can't imagine that we could walk around with hair under our arms or that our legs could look like their own. For them it is shocking when we burp, fart or show body hair. Given by society what is proper and what is not, a woman with armpit or leg hair simply does not fit into the worldview of men, which means that they simply find body hair disgusting during sex. 😖

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They have no idea what a woman takes on to remove the hairs from any part of the body. A simple razor that neither hurts nor takes up a lot of time will surely do the same. In order not to have to shave again and again and to be hair-free for a long time, especially in summer, many women undertake much more painful procedures. Waxing is one of the most popular methods. Cold wax strips or hot wax applications are available in drugstores and supermarkets for use at home. Those who prefer to be professional can also undergo the painful procedure in the beauty salon. Laser is also a new trend in hair removal. In the painless version, the hair roots are irradiated with light pulses and thus no longer grow back. As different as the options are, they all have at least one problem. They are either painful, extremely expensive, or time-consuming. Men do not have to deal with this problem and therefore cannot imagine that we would like to let our hair under the armpits or on the legs grow out. Especially in winter it is extremely unnecessary to always be hair-free. In addition, we should only be based on what we like ourselves and not on what the male world expects of us. 💋

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