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The center for heart disease, vein and dermatosurgery at the Hospital of the Holy Spirit in Kempen

In the last few years in particular, the number of patients with heart, skin and venous diseases, especially the widespread disease varicose veins, has risen sharply. Today are oursspecialized medical teams able to care for patients with a wide variety of clinical pictures from this large area continuously from diagnosis to therapy.

The center for heart disease, vein and dermatosurgery at the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist Kempen unitedthe disciplinesthat are important for the successful treatment of heart, skin and vein patients: theCardiology and general internal medicine, vein and dermatosurgery.

  • Chief Physician Dr. med. Dragan Radosavac

    Internal medicine, cardiology and intensive care medicine
    Tel .: (02152) 142-381

  • Chief Physician Dr. Meike Finkenrath

    Vein and dermatosurgery
    Tel: (02152) 142-500, -1301

Certified vein competence center

As a re-certified vein competence center, Dr. med. Meike Finkenrath and her team ensure a high quality of treatment and are characterized by the fact that diagnostics and therapy are state-of-the-art. They therefore also offer different therapy methods in order to guarantee the best individual treatment for each patient.

"After a syncope, an event recorder was used. Thanks to the department headed by chief physician Dr. med. Radosavac, especially to senior physician Dr. Kraan, who was responsible for and very conscientiously supervising the preparation and execution of the operation Station A2: What the nursing staff does there is really a special example of a job that is also a calling. Thank you very much here. "

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