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Web design software guide & comparison 2021

Hello, I'm Gregor and I've put this page together. First you will find an overview of various web design programs of our choice, followed by a survey and a guide on the subject of web design programs. Further down on the page, we will then link to further articles or reviews, and at the end you can add your own mustard in the comments.

In order to simplify the price comparison, we determine the prices for the individual items on Amazon, Ebay and Idealo and link the offers via affiliate link. This means that we receive a commission if you buy something that we recommend - it does not change the price for you.

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The 11 web design programs of our choice

in a clear comparison
The big print shop package 2021
Magix Web Designer Premium Create professional websites yourself
The big print shop package 2021 - invitations, congratulation cards, labels, CD-DVD labels, business cards for Windows 10, 8.1, 7
Adobe Creative Cloud Photo subscription with 20GB: Photoshop and Lightroom | 1 year license | PC / Mac Online Code & Download
WebSite X5 Evolution - Latest version Professional websites, online shops, blogs, special edition with WebAnimator go, in a brand new box for Windows 10/8/7
Web Designer Premium - 16 - Create professional websites yourself l | Premium | 1 Device | Limitless | PC | Disc | Disc
HomepageFIX 2020 - Web design software for beginners and professionals without HTML knowledge - the very easy web design software for every purpose - create your own website now
MAGIX Web Designer 11 [Download]
Movie Edit Pro 2021 Plus - Time for Better Videos!
Movie Edit Pro 2021 - Time for Better Videos!
MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2016 [Download]
We check the prices of the products displayed at Amazon, Ebay and the popular price comparison Idealo. We will then display the cheapest price found as a "lower price" in order to simplify the price comparison for you. However, this procedure cannot replace your own research.
This tabular comparison should not be confused with a web design software test, in which the web design programs are extensively tested. External tests are linked further down on the page.

Evaluation of the survey: Popular web design programs

Every month we analyze exactly which products are most popular with our users:

Which web design software would you buy online? (February 2021)

  • 69.23% (9 votes) MAGIX Web Designer 9 Premium [Download]
  • 7.69% (1 votes) PDF PRO 2 including OCR module - PDFs simply b ...
  • 7.69% (1 votes) Perfect PDF 10 PREMIUM including OCR module PDF ...
  • 7.69% (1 votes) Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 (Minibox)
  • 7.69% (1 votes) HomepageFIX 2020 - Web design software for ...
  • 0% (0 votes) Nero Platinum 2019 from Nero API
  • 0% (0 votes) WebSite X5 Evolution - Latest Version Pro ...
  • 0% (0 votes) Web Designer Premium - 16 - Professional ...

13 votes in total.

If you also want to vote, you can access the poll here.

Web design software guide

Towards the end of the last century, the Internet began to have a major impact on daily life. Today it is not only a source of information, but is also a huge commercial platform on which companies of all sectors and of all sizes offer their services. Accordingly, the web design has adapted to be able to create user-friendly pages that can be used by customers and interested parties who want to make their purchases on the Internet. For this, the operators of Internet sites need a Web design softwarethat is not only user-friendly, but also does justice to the technical side of the internet. Numerous providers make such software available today. When buying, it is therefore important to weigh up the individual functions of the software and compare them with other products in order to find the best Web design software to find for one's own purpose.

Web design accessible to everyone

Modern web design software makes it possible to design your own website without necessarily having to be a specialist. Anyone who has first experience in web design can turn to the so-called homepage builders, which are easy to use and are offered by most web hosting providers. There are also a number of web design programs that are suitable for advanced users. If you have good web design software, it is no longer absolutely necessary to master the programming language. The control surface and various menus of the program are sufficient to implement ideas. It is important that a professional result is achieved in the end.

How to choose the best Web design software

If you buy web design software, you shouldn't just be guided by the price when making a purchase decision. First of all, you should determine the area of ​​application for which the software is to be used. If you want to present products or services on the page, the software must have the capacity to combine photos, graphics and texts or to create slideshows. The software should also be able to enable the customer to shop easily. This includes the use of modern means of payment such as PayPal, which must be integrated into the web design. Compatibility with different end devices is also important. While a few years ago the majority of Internet users were connected via the PC, today many people surf from their smartphone or tablet. On the other hand, large-screen smart TVs also offer access to the Internet. You should therefore choose a web design software with which you can make the website accessible to users with any device so as not to lose a large number of interested parties from the outset. If you want to generate high customer traffic on the site, it is also important that the website is designed in a way that complies with Google's rules. Only those who are on the first search results in Google have a real opportunity to be competitive. Integration into social networks, which have more and more users, is just as important.

Good software solutions for web design

HomepageFIX 2016 is a popular web design software. The program is easy to use and suitable for beginners as well as experts. The program runs with Microsoft Windows and offers numerous options for designing the website. The Chreator program is also very extensive and offers the user the option of creating web designs and graphics. This program can also be learned quickly by beginners.

Web design software tests & other reports

New: our editorially supported list of further reports. The Internet is full of web design software tests that compare technical data, but rarely really test the products (we therefore clearly refer to our overview as a "comparison" and by no means a "test"). So we have made it our business to distinguish supposed tests from honest test reports and to list the most helpful tests, reports, discussions and useful information about web design programs for you here:

Homepage builder test: website software in comparison - valao
Experiences with Jimdo, Wix and Weebly in the test - create your own website. We compare the best software for beginners to create a responsive web design improves the user experience with your own website. ...
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WebSite X5 Version 12! - Ahadesign
The well-known web design software WebSite X5 appears for the first time Since the test report already contains all the important information, which ...
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Is The Grid a better web designer than you? | Web designer depot
2 Dec 2014 Certainly, there is scope for automation in web design: When once you spent an use to judge its code is its own thegrid.io, which was built with its software. .. Turing established the test for AI and no machine has passed it. ...
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The best Mac software for freelancers | Freelancer blog
With this software you can make more money by spending less time with Windows and iPad and is still in the test phase until the end of 2013. ...
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Info blog - Travica Webdesign
Incomedia has released a new software under the name In a first test I have the new website X5 Evolution 12 program ...
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Test reports - shop software / content management system (CMS ...
Test reports. In this area we regularly take software, books and CD-Roms from the subject areas of web design, graphics and ...
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Conclusion on the web design software guide & comparison 2021

Finally, we would like to explain our evaluation criteria for our web design software comparison so that you can better understand our recommendations and our evaluation process. You are also advised to keep your eyes open for short-term offers in 2021, because cheap bargains can quickly make a product attractive, even with web design programs!

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