What are the dependent variables in psychology

dependent variable

The dependent variable - sometimes also the outcome variable - describes the factor in an experiment that is measured in psychological statistics. Dependent variables are therefore variables whose values ​​are to be predicted with the aid of the independent variables. An experiment with two or more dependent variables is called as multivariate design designated.

In psychology this is mostly a behavior or a mental process, in pedagogy it is mostly a matter of performance. This dependent variable can or should be in response to the manipulations of the independent variables change. The dependent variable always belongs to the “then” part of a hypothesis, which reflects the effects of the independent variables (causes, conditions). In correlation and regression analyzes, one usually speaks of Criterion variables.

Example of a dependent variable: In an experiment, the division of hours in a school class - for example the length of the teaching units - is changed. The performance of the students is then observed and measured over a longer period of time. The division of hours in this case is the independent variable, the dependent variable or response variable is the performance of the students.

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