Who rules the world men or women

Who rules the social media world: men or women? (with infographic)

This is a guest blog post and was created by Alex Hillsberg composed! You can find more information about the author at the end of the article.

Various large studies of social media revealed what we suspected for a long time: women dominate in this area.

This is not only reflected in the number of users, especially in the top social networks; they also set standards in a wide variety of ways.

FinancesOnline.com has published an infographic based on data from a 2013 social media study by Pew, Nielsen, and Burst Media. This infographic gives a quick overview of how women run the social media world in six major areas today.

These “dominant areas” highlight women as an important population group in the social media arena (and the Internet in a broader sense) to which brand marketers and content providers should pay close attention.

Women are particularly dominant in the following areas:

  • There are more women than men on the top social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Women use social media several times a day: 30 % of online women in the US check their social pages several times a day, while US men only do so 26 % .
  • Women interact with the brands more often: 55 % of US women access deals, but only 36 % of US men.
  • More women are using smartphones and tablets to access social media.
  • Women are trending towards more visually oriented social sites like Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. These three sites are currently among the fastest growing social media networks.

Setting trends

Two trends impressively show how women set standards in the social media world.

The first trend is increasing access to social media sites on mobile devices. A recent Business Insider Report stated that 60 % the time spent on social media is done using smartphones and tablets.

Take hold of the pew and burst media studies 46 % of online active US women access their social accounts via smartphones while 32 % from the same group use tablets to check their social pages.

It is with the men 43 respectively 20 % . When industry observers say mobile is the future of social media, they might as well think that women are the future of social media.

The second trend is the increasing popularity of visual pages on the Internet.

Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest are the three fastest growing social networks right now. The sites had 10 million new users in just one year.

While women dominate these three sides, the Pinterest case impressively shows the extent to which women are interested in sites where primarily visual content can be shared: 33 % of women in America use Pinterest, while men only use Pinterest 8 % .

We can certainly count on more visually oriented social networks over the next few months and if they are smart, they will try above all to get women enthusiastic about themselves.

About the author:
Alex Hillsberg is a journalist at FinancesOnlie.com. He has a keen interest in the stock market, small and medium business, and personal finance, and has followed news, stories, and topics related to these areas for nearly twenty years.