Why doesn't Aphrodite like Athena


Zeus' first wife was Metis. When she was pregnant by Zeus with Athena, she was devoured by Zeus because he had been prophesied that after Athena she would give birth to a king who would deprive Zeus of rule.
Athena was then born of Zeus' head by Hephaestus Zeus splitting the head with an ax. Then she jumped out.

Athena, often called by the Roman name Athena, is the virginal but belligerent goddess of heroes, including the protector of Odysseus and Heracles. She is also the goddess of craftsmanship and wisdom as well as the protector of cities, especially Athens. Athena is often depicted with the owl, which was dedicated to her and thus also became a certain symbol for Athens. (The big-eyed owl, also seen as a sign of cleverness, was also minted on Greek silver coins. Therefore, the phrase "carry owls to Athens" may ambiguously express not only that there were perhaps enough owls in Athens anyway, but that you could get the silver money not have to bring to the already rich Athens.)

Athena is also nicknamed Pallas ("the girl").
Many cities kept an image of Pallas Athena called "Palladion" for their protection. It is also reported that Athene had a so-called portrait made of her youth playmate Pallas, a daughter of Triton, with whom she had been brought up and who was killed by her in an accident during fighting games, which is why she added her name to hers.

On her chest and shoulder, Athena wears the fur-like shield Aigis (Aegis, "goat skin") as a piece of clothing or protective weapon (hence "under the aegis of ...") with the Gorgoneion, the head of the Gorgon Medusa, who was killed by Perseus.