Which film confused you incomprehensibly

The 25 most disturbing films of all time
By Christoph Petersen, Carsten Baumgardt, David Herger and Julius Vietzen - 11/20/2015 at 9:00 am

After these films you seriously ask yourself what kind of planet we actually live on here ... and if you watch all the films on this list in one go, you will almost certainly end up in a slap.

25th place: "Mulholland Drive"
(David Lynch, France / USA 2001)

Directing eccentric David Lynch has already shocked his audience with “Eraserhead” and “Blue Velvet”, only to come up with the disturbing mystery thriller “Mulholland Drive” again on a similar level. As a spectator, you should never feel safe here. Lynch lets his story about the inexperienced Betty (Naomi Watts), who came to Los Angeles from the provinces to conquer Hollywood, derailed narrative with calculation into madness. What is in the black book that killed three people? Is the nasty dwarf Mr. Roque (Michael John Anderson) the client? Does he control everything from his headquarters underground? Why is the young man scared to death in the coffee shop? What does the waitress Diane have to do with all de? And who is the dead woman in her abandoned apartment? Question after question - no answers in sight. Here, licentiousness, obsession, sex and violence reigns, which Lynch furiously accumulates.

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